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ARIZONA BRUCE GRIFFIN TUCSON SOUTHERN & Tucson and Southern Arizona blend cityscape and open space, urban cowboy and ranching cowboy, birdwatching and people-watching, celebrating the now and taking pride in the past. Tucson is Arizona’s second largest city and the hub of this three-county area stretching across more than half of the southern border with Mexico. The region is home to some 1.3 million people spread out among urban cities and towns, historic enclaves, secluded outposts and Native American communities. About a million of them live in the Tucson metropolis. Ω Arizona 2010 Official State Visitor’s Guide MA TT HAG E

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Arizona 2010 Official Visitor's Guide
Arizona State Map
Off the Beaten Path
Arizona… In Any Season
Road Trip!
Cultural Cuisine
History & Heritage
Calendar of Events
Phoenix & Central Arizona
Tucson & Southern Arizona
Northern Arizona
Arizona’s West Coast
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Arizona 2010 Official Visitor's Guide