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Welcome to Arizona! Welcome to Arizona! Thank you for visiting us, and I know you'll enjoy your stay in the Grand Canyon State. The beauty in every corner of this state never fails to astound me, and no matter where you're traveling throughout the Grand Canyon State, you'll experience the very best of Arizona. We have some of the nation's best sports teams, shopping, nightlife, museums and recreational activities. The Arizona Official State Visitor's Guide is a great resource for your travels as you make your way across this great state. In addition to maps and accommodation listings, this guide will provide you with information about some of the best sights, food and recreational activities Arizona has to offer. Arizona's diverse culture is part of this state's charm. We have a rich history, and we're proud of our western heritage, 22 American Indian tribes, more than 300 days of sunshine a year and more than 700 hiking trails that help make Arizona the best state in the country. I hope you have a great visit to the state that I am so fortunate to call home. Sincerely, Arizona 2015 OFFICIAL STATE VISITOR'S GUIDE FEATURES 6 19 Yes, Arizona is host to Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, but here are many other statewide sports facts you might not yet know. Many Arizona restaurants are so good, you want to take the food home with you-and at these five, you can! 8 24 From Northern Arizona's Grand Canyon to Chiricahua National Monument down south, the grand-scale geological wonders within the state's borders will delight and amaze you. Meet three Arizona American Indian artists who are giving traditional crafts impressive-and sometimes playful- new twists. AZ Sports Countdown Awesome Arizona 4 Arizona 2015 Official State Visitor's Guide Ancestral Traditions, Modern Interpretations 14 28 Circumnavigate the state on five regional road trips highlighting the state's diverse activities, cultures and history. Enjoy award-winning wines-and adventurous wine tours-along Arizona's three wine trails. Road Trip Roundabouts Doug Ducey Governor Tastes of the State Wines & Vines

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2015 Arizona Official State Visitor Guide