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2016 OFFICIAL STATE VISITOR'S GUIDE ARIZONA OFFICE OF TOURISM ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 1110 W. Washington St., Ste. 155 Phoenix, Arizona 85007 (602) 364-3700, fax: (602) 364-3702 Visit visitarizona.com for information on travel throughout the state. See pages 103-104 for visitor center locations. DIRECTOR Debbie Johnson DEPUTY DIRECTOR Stephanie Dowling PROJECT DIRECTOR SE A B ARIZ O Produced and published by Madden Media LLC 1240 E. Missouri Ave., Ste. 204 Phoenix, Arizona 85014 (480) 638-3770 info@maddenmedia.com maddenmedia.com NA AIR Laura Franco French CAF PUBLISHER John Hudak ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Whitney Coleman COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE Commemorative air ForCe WarBirD riDeS · GUiDeD toUrS * EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Katy Spining SENIOR EDITOR Courtney Colaianni * CREATIVE DIRECTOR Robert Gibson CARTOGRAPHER & PREPRESS COORDINATOR Andy Mosier * SENIOR DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Adriane Cuaron MANAGER OF MARKETING CREATIVE & ADVERTISING DESIGN Tracy Bowers mUSeUm · GiFt SHoP · eveNt veNUe MANUFACTURING & PRINT DIRECTOR Cozy Becker * DISTRIBUTION & OPERATIONS MANAGER Stephen Alston * ADVERTISING INFORMATION PHOENIX * TUCSON * (480) 638-3770 (520) 322-0895 SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Tina Lebeda, Tamah Murphy ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Dan Carter, Ruthie Cody, Allen Fink PROJECT ADMINISTRATION MANAGER Rebecca Velo SALES SUPPORT STAFF Stephen Alston, Alex Franco, Taylor Kirby, Kasey Schnormeier explore aviation history from early flight through the World Wars, Korea, and vietnam...our hangars have it all. 2017 N. GreeNFielD rD meSa · ariZoNa www.azcaf.org · 480.924.1940 The ARIZONA OFFICIAL STATE VISITOR'S GUIDE, a publication of the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT), is published annually. Every effort is made to ensure the information in this guide is as accurate as possible. AOT assumes no responsibility for errors, changes or omissions. ARIZONA OFFICIAL STATE VISITOR'S GUIDE © 2015. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. AZOSVG 2016 PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER Inks contain a minimum of 6% of bio/renewable and soy oils. http://VisitArizona.com http://www.visitarizona.com http://MaddenMedia.com http://www.maddenmedia.com http://www.azcaf.org

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2016 Arizona Official State Visitor Guide