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Dr. Sabrina Guillen Fabi is an international speaker, trainer, and author, and an internationally
recognized leader in cosmetic dermatology. She is a board-certified dermatologist
and an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Diego, where
she was presented with the Robert W. Goltz Excellence in Teaching award, for excellence
in educating her peers. As the associate research director at the practice, she is actively
involved in multiple injectable, laser, and sclerotherapy clinical studies, including Phase III
FDA clinical trials. Dr. Fabi has authored over 150 medical articles, in addition to coauthoring
20 book chapters. She has also lectured nationally and internationally, in over 38
countries and is a regular medical correspondent on Fox5 News San Diego. She has also
been featured on the Latin-American television network Univision, as well as the CBS show
''The Doctors.'' She is a repeat recipient of the Patient's Choice Award, as well as the
Compassionate Doctor's Award, Doctor's Choice Award, and Realself 100 award.
Dr. Frank Rosengaus graduated from the Autonomous University of Mexico with a
medical degree in surgery with honors in 1987. He also was awarded the medal ''Gabino
Barreda'' given to students with a perfect GPA. He continued his studies with a residency
in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery at the General Hospital ''Dr. Manuel Gea
Gonzalez'' and in 1992 he completed his training in facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills,
CA. Dr. Rosengaus works in private practice in Mexico and is a member of various associations
including the scientific committee of the International Master Course in Ageing
Skin (IMCAS) in Paris, France, and general coordinator of IMCAS America. He is representative
of Mexico at the International Federation of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery Societies. He is a renowned international speaker with particular interests in face
anatomy and fillers who has contributed with new concepts and recognized techniques. He
is a regular participant in various expert advisory boards and a key opinion leader for
Galderma, Matrifil, Softfil, and others. He is author of the book ''The Rosengaus Method:
beauty that breaks the mold,'' Random House Penguin Publishers, and coauthor of the book
''Ethnic Consideration in Facial Plastic Surgery,'' Thieme Publishers.

FPSAM - Roundtable 2021

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