FPSAM - Roundtable 2022 - ii

Expert Panel
Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel is professor and chief of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at
the Boston University School of Medicine, and director of The Spiegel Center, a destination
plastic surgery practice. With dozens of award winning research projects, scientific papers,
articles, and book chapters, Dr. Spiegel continues to innovate and advance the field of facial
plastic surgery. He has received many accolades, including the Sir Harold Del Gillies and
F. Mark Rafaty Awards from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery, and holds a United States patent. He has contributed to the training of many
resident surgeons, in addition to having fifteen facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
fellows to date.
Dr. Michael Alperovich is an associate professor of plastic surgery and codirector of
craniofacial surgery at Yale University. He is magna cum laude graduate of Harvard
University, attended the University of Oxford for graduate school receiving distinction
honors, and graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
Dr. Alperovich completed a plastic surgery residency and a craniofacial fellowship at New
York University's department of plastic surgery. Dr. Alperovich has been named to Connecticut
Magazine's ''Top Doctors'' list for consecutive years and to New York Magazine's
New York Metro ''Top Doctors'' list. He has been invited nationally and internationally as a
visiting professor and guest faculty to speak about craniofacial and aesthetic surgery.
Dr. Alperovich has authored over one hundred peer-reviewed publications and multiple
plastic surgery book chapters. He serves on the editorial board of multiple plastic surgery
Dr. Laura Garcı´a-Rodriguez is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist.
Dr. Garcia completed her residency at Henry Ford Health in Detroit Michigan.
She completed her fellowship at Boston University/The Spiegel Center under Dr.
Jeffrey Spiegel. After her fellowship, she returned to Henry Ford Health and has been active
in the transgender community. She has been actively growing a facial feminization practice
and is passionate about her work. Dr. Garcia has also been busy performing trauma surgery
and rhinoplasty. Dr. Garcia has been an invited guest lecturer locally, at the state level and
nationally. She has authored numerous articles and book chapters. She is on the editorial
board of nationally recognized journals. She is currently working on a Clinics book chapter
on gender dysphoria.

FPSAM - Roundtable 2022

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