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OPENING THOUGHTS Inspiration WE FIND IT THROUGH SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY FEATURES 8 Bringing Cancer Care Closer to Home A promising treatment approach that uses a radiopharmaceutical compound to effectively treat neuroendocrine tumours will soon be available in B.C. 11 Mapping the Spread of the Deadliest Ovarian Cancer B.C. team is first to accomplish single-cell mapping of advanced ovarian cancer, which may lead to better treatments. 12 A Better Biopsy Using a liquid biopsy- a simple blood test-doctors can learn how metastatic prostate cancer is responding to treatment. 13 The Cancer's DNA Matters With the First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your continued interest in the BC Cancer Foundation. Since joining as President and CEO in April, I feel tremendously fortunate to lead this organization. My gratitude for this role is strengthened with every donor I have had the pleasure of meeting, through my partnership with BC Cancer Agency President Dr. Malcolm Moore, and after every interaction with the Agency's talented scientists and clinicians. We are a remarkable force when philanthropy and scientific discovery come together to spark change-change that is accelerating world-leading cancer research and care right here in B.C. In this issue of Partners in DISCOVERY, you will read the inspiring story of a B.C. woman who was running out of options and had to travel overseas to treat her cancer, and how Drs. Hagen Kennecke and François Bénard are poised to offer this therapy at the BC Cancer Agency by developing a world-class neTracer program. I refer you to page 8. Also, on page 13, you will learn about the new Oncopanel, a test that can detect genetic mutations in cancer. The Oncopanel is helping physicians determine which therapies could be best for patients. I am pleased to share that this is now part of the standard of care, and it will benefit thousands of patients a year. I hope you enjoy our fall edition of Partners in DISCOVERY magazine. Included in this issue is our annual readership survey. I encourage you to share your comments so that we can continue to improve and provide relevant content that matches your interests. As always, thank you for being our partner in discovery. development of the Oncopanel test, oncologists have a new tool to select the best possible treatment for each patient. Sarah Roth President & CEO WHAT'S INSIDE 3 Opening Thoughts 4 Healthy Insights 6 Why I Give 7 Researcher Profile 14 Legacy Giving 15 Regional Roundup WELCOME, SARAH! Sarah Roth joined the Foundation on April 18 and brings an extensive 20-year career in fundraising and leadership to the BC Cancer Foundation. She has had exceptional success leading teams through large-scale fundraising initiatives for Boston Children's Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and most recently, as the Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations in the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Medicine. W W W.BCCANCERFOUNDATION.COM 3 http://WWW.BCCANCERFOUNDATION.COM

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BC Cancer Foundation - Fall 2016
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Bringing Cancer Care Closer to Home
Mapping the Spread of the Deadliest
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The Cancer’s DNA Matters
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BC Cancer Foundation - Fall 2016