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WHY I GIVE Devon's mother, Vera Sutton, honours his life by fundraising for cancer research. For Devon Vera Sutton hosts fun events to promote cancer research in memory of her big-hearted son W hen Vera Sutton thinks about her son Devon, she fondly remembers his larger-than-life personality. "Devon loved people," Vera says. "He was a magnet-people always wanted to be near him." Seven years ago, at age 19, Devon died from testicular cancer. Together with the help of family and friends, Vera has held a fundraiser in his memory every year since. The fundraising events have evolved from baseball tournaments (Devon's favourite sport), to a "Devon-style" party complete with dancing, food and drinks, and impromptu karaoke. 6 PARTNERS IN DISCOVERY Devon's memory and lighthearted and caring spirit are embodied at all of the events, no matter the activity. "Devon always laughed a lot-even when his situation wasn't funny," Vera says. "He was not perfect, but he was pretty close. He could be a little bit devilish, but a lot lovable." So far, the fundraising events have raised more than $25,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation in support of the latest cancer research and enhancements to patient care taking place at the BC Cancer Agency. For Vera, fundraising is not only a way to honour Devon, but also an opportunity to bring those who loved him together. "We have fun, we cry, we remember Devon and we raise money," she says. "It makes us all feel like we are doing something to beat cancer back, for Devon's memory and for so many others." With over 26,000 British Columbians being diagnosed with cancer this year, the importance of fundraising for cancer research is not lost on Vera. "Fundraising is a way to control something in an uncontrollable world," she says. "It gives us all hope." She encourages others to support cancer research, whether or not they've had firsthand experience with it. "Cancer is dark and scary, and it took our family by surprise," she says. "Fundraising is comforting for us and makes us feel like we are lighting a candle for Devon together. We miss him." HELP LEAD THE WAY Share your passion and commitment to a world free from cancer by creating your own fundraising event for the BC Cancer Foundation. Visit bccancerfoundation.com to learn more. http://www.bccancerfoundation.com

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BC Cancer Foundation - Fall 2016
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BC Cancer Foundation - Fall 2016