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BRINGING CANCER CARE CLOSER TO HOME A made-in-B.C. approach will benefit patients who used to have to travel far for treatment I magine being told that to get treatment for your cancer you'd have to go to Alberta or even to Europe-travelling at your own expense every two months, up to six times. That's exactly the case for dozens of patients in B.C. with neuroendocrine tumours, a complex cancer that requires specialty treatment. This is what motivated Drs. François Bénard and Hagen Kennecke to establish neTracer, a world-class radionuclide therapy program that will be running within a year, right here in B.C. neTracer (pronounced "Net Tracer") has two important functions: as a diagnostic tool to detect the cancer and assess the effectiveness of treatment, and to act as a vehicle to deliver the treatment itself. Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) begin in the neuroendocrine cells, which release hormones into the bloodstream. They can appear in many areas throughout the body, commonly the gastrointestinal tract. NOWHERE TO HIDE: Innovative Approach Easily Detects The Cancer Leveraging the nuclear imaging expertise that exists in British 8 PARTNERS IN DISCOVERY Columbia under Dr. Bénard's functional cancer imaging program, neTracer will lead the introduction of Gallium-68 (Ga-68) PET imaging in Canada. Only routinely available in Europe, the Gallium-68 compound has proven to dramatically improve the detectability of some cancers compared with current technologies. Additionally, it is particularly useful in the management of the tumours. The imaging technique can be used by physicians to guide treatment, ensuring that the most effective treatments are considered. PERSONALIZED TREATMENT: The Prescription For Improved Outcomes For oncologists like Dr. Kennecke, neTracer offers hope to greatly improve outcomes and reduce treatment side effects for his NETs patients. By using Drs. François Bénard and Hagen Kennecke. BRING LIFE-SAVING TREATMENT TO B.C. Your gift today will ensure patients receive treatment for neuroendocrine cancer right here in B.C. through NETRACER. Contact Alyson Meehan today at 604-877-6160.

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BC Cancer Foundation - Fall 2016
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BC Cancer Foundation - Fall 2016