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THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS IN DISCOVERY "You, our incredible donors, and the extraordinary scientific and clinical talent at the BC Cancer Agency drew me to the BC Cancer Foundation. Together, we are helping to forge new ground in cancer research and care, as researchers define a process of personalized care and envision a future, not so far in the distance, where all cancers are manageable and those impacted lead longer, healthier lives." Sarah Roth, President & CEO, BC Cancer Foundation "I am proud to chair the exceptional Board of the BC Cancer Foundation. The pace and scale of progress happening at the BC Cancer Agency is absolutely game-changing, as we see new projects finding solutions for patients and garnering attention and respect around the world. As our partner in discovery, you are the catalyst for real advancements in care that give patients and families hope and optimism." Greg D'Avignon, Chair, BC Cancer Foundation Board of Directors BC CANCER FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Greg D'Avignon, Chair Malcolm Moore Andrew Sweeney, Vice Chair Derrold Norgaard Randy Bartsch Jatinder Rai Mary Buttery Carl Roy Robert Conconi Andrea Shaw Michael Heskin Randy Smallwood Doug Holtby Kirsten Tisdale Michael Kennedy Shane Worman Dean Kirkham David Zacks Joanne McLeod 2 IMPACT REPORT 2016 "Your willingness to invest in new and innovative ideas means that the researchers and clinical teams at the BC Cancer Agency are able to make progress in improving cancer treatment. We are so grateful for your generosity and I am proud to say that your donated dollars are leveraged through grants and funding competitions to maximize the impact. Thank you for all you do to support cancer care and research in B.C." Dr. Malcolm Moore, President, BC Cancer Agency CONTENTS 4 Immunotherapy 13 BC Cancer Foundation by the Numbers 6 Research in the Lab 8 Research in the Clinic 14 Financial Five-Year Summary 10 Ride to 15 Financial Highlights Conquer Cancer 12 Personalized Onco-Genomics The cover art, designed by Martin Krzywinski and Scott Baker of the BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre, depicts 1,300 publications published between 2009 and 2015, made possible with support from BC Cancer Foundation donors.

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BC Cancer Foundation - Impact Report 2016
Research in the Lab
Research in the Clinic
Ride to Conquer Cancer1
Personalized Onco-Genomics
BC Cancer Foundation by the Numbers
Financial Five-Year Summary
Financial Highlights

BC Cancer Foundation - Impact Report 2016