Health Beat - Summer 2017 - 15


A New Face
in Family
Family physician
joins Lindsborg
By John Berggren

Hospital and the
Family Health Care
Clinic welcomed
family physician
Wendy Dinkel, D.O.,
in March.
Dinkel received her medical degree
from the Kansas City University of
Medicine and Biosciences and her
family medicine training at the Wesley
Family Medicine Residency Program in
Wichita. She was formerly in Abilene,
where she worked as a family physician
for more than three years.
Dinkel was born in Oberlin and
graduated from high school in
Hoisington. She earned her undergraduate degree from Bethany College
in Lindsborg.
"Dr. Dinkel already knows so much
about our community, and she comes
with a history of being involved in
things she is passionate about,"
says Karna Peterson, Lindsborg
Family Health Care Clinic manager.
"Her professional interests in family
medicine include sports medicine and
women's health."
Dinkel joins Benjamin Dolezal,
M.D., Greg Lindholm, PA-C, and Kelsey
Swisher, PA-C, as providers at the
Family Health Care Clinic. People
can call the clinic at 785-227-3371 to
schedule an appointment. 1

Senior Mental Health
Solutions Available in Abilene
Memorial Health System in Abilene continues to improve access to mental health
services for seniors in north central Kansas.
The hospital's inpatient ROSE Behavioral Health Unit recently underwent renovations. An intensive outpatient group counseling program called Senior Life Solutions
was also added.
The ROSE Unit is designed to diagnose and treat the complex behavioral health
problems aging adults commonly face. Each patient has a team of professionals
who work together to pinpoint the nature of the problem and help begin a plan
for recovery. The goal is to improve each person's quality of life while maintaining
respect and dignity. Symptoms treated include:
DPersonality changes
DUnexplained physical ailments or changes in eating and sleeping patterns
DConfused thinking, inability to concentrate or memory loss
DExcessive fears, anxieties or suspiciousness
DWithdrawal from family and friends
DAbuse of alcohol or medications
DGrowing inability to cope with daily living, resulting in unsafe behaviors
DHallucinations or hearing voices
If you know someone experiencing any of these symptoms, call the ROSE Unit at
785-263-6625 for a confidential assessment. 1

Seniors who are suffering from depression, anxiety,
sadness, loneliness or difficulty sleeping, or who are
coping with loss or feelings of hopelessness, may benefit from
the Senior Life Solutions intensive outpatient program. Call
785-263-6805 for more information.


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