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Dos and Don'ts:

Head Injuries
Head injuries must be handled carefully.
For anything more than a bump on the head,
call 911 right away and then follow these tips:
Do check for a pulse. If you're unable to
find one or detect breathing, begin CPR.
Don't move the injured person unless it is
to get him or her out of harm's way.
Do press a clean cloth directly on a
wound to stop the bleeding.
Don't remove any objects or debris
from a head wound.
Do stabilize the person's head by placing
one hand on each side.

Fretting About


Post-concussion care and the management of concussion should be
administered by professionals with
specialized training in concussion
management. To learn more, visit

Some memory loss is to be expected with age-it doesn't mean you're
developing Alzheimer's disease. Here is a look at the difference between
early Alzheimer's symptoms and normal, age-related memory loss.

Alzheimer's warning signs

Normal signs of aging

Chronic poor judgment

Making the wrong decision
every once in a while

Inability to remember the year
or the season

Momentarily forgetting what
day it is

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Difficulty holding a conversation

Forgetting the right word

MANAGE your diabetes from

Losing things and not being able
to retrace your steps to find them

Misplacing things occasionally
and then finding them

Online Rx
anywhere with the Diabetes 24/7
health record from the American
Diabetes Association. Visit

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Source: Alzheimer's Association

For a guide to small steps you can take that
may lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease, visit and search "preventing Alzheimer's."

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