Health Beat - Fall 2016 - 15

By John Berggren

Clay County Welcomes

New Physician

Clay County Medical Center welcomed
the addition of Allie Lohrmeyer, MD, in
August. She joined the practice of Clay
Center Family Physicians, providing
comprehensive primary care, including
obstetrics, to people of all ages.
Dr. Lohrmeyer received her medical
degree from the University of Kansas
School of Medicine and completed
her family medicine training at the
Smoky Hill Family Medicine Residency
Program in Salina.
"We are extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Lohrmeyer to Clay Center,"
Allie Lohrmeyer, MD
says Austin Gillard, CEO at Clay
County Medical Center.
Call Clay Center Family Physicians at 785-632-2181 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lohrmeyer.

Funding for New
Radiology Equipment
Cloud County Health Center
installed two new pieces
of radiology equipment
this summer, thanks to
generous donations from
the community through
the Kansas Community
Service Program.
A new C-arm machine
and X-ray table were
purchased with the funding.
The C-arm, pictured here, is a portable X-ray unit that has the
capability to produce both still and live images. Live images
are useful when doctors perform biopsies or other surgeries
and procedures that require high degrees of precision. The new
X-ray table can be raised and lowered easily to accommodate
patients with limited mobility.
The Kansas Community Service Program selects nonprofit
organizations from a list of applicants each year that are looking for ways to improve capital fundraising efforts by awarding
tax credits for approved projects.
Find out more about the services available at Cloud County
Health Center by visiting

Hospital Offers
Safe Sitter Program
Lindsborg Community Hospital became a registered Safe Sitter teaching site this year and now
offers the comprehensive babysitting training
program for adolescents ages 11 through 14.
The nationally recognized program was
developed by Indianapolis pediatrician Patricia
Keener after a colleague's toddler choked to
death while in the care of an adult sitter who
didn't know the proper actions to take.
The seven-hour course costs $25 and
teaches students how, why and where injuries can happen so they can be prevented.
Students also learn child choking rescue and
CPR. The course also allows young sitters
to gain confidence by learning how a child's
age affects how care should be given, how to
prevent problem behavior and how to run a
successful babysitting business.
For information on the next Safe Sitter
course, call Cynthia Woodard at Lindsborg
Community Hospital, 785-227-2911, ext. 238,
or email
Applications are available at the hospital or
online at

Students learn CPR skills at Lindsborg
Community Hospital's first Safe Sitter
training course held earlier this year.


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