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Is It Anxiety or
a Heart Attack?
If you've never experienced a panic attack, it's
everything you'd imagine a heart attack to be, which
is why the two events are often confused. Check
out this chart to see just how similar panic attacks
and heart attacks are. If you're unsure which you're
experiencing, call 911.
Heart attack symptoms
D Chest pain or discomfort
D Upper-body discomfort
D Shortness of breath
D Sudden cold sweat
D Unusual tiredness (sometimes
for days leading up to attack)
D Nausea
D Dizziness or light-headedness


Why do people
stop taking
their medications?
A: "The most common reason I find that patients stop taking medications is that prescriptions can be so expensive,
especially if they are on multiple medications," says Angie
Golden, DNP, a family nurse practitioner and past president
of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Other
reasons include adverse side effects, forgetfulness and
confusion about instructions.
But the risks associated with skipping your medicine
can be serious. For example: People who didn't take heart
medication properly were 50 percent more likely to have
a heart attack compared with those who took the medication as prescribed, according to a study cited by the
National Institute on Aging.
If cost is an issue, talk to your healthcare provider.
Discounts and less-expensive options are often available.
Do the same if you're experiencing unwanted side effects.


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The Partnership for Prescription Assistance
matches people with discounts and
community programs to help reduce
prescription costs. Visit
to start your search.

Panic attack symptoms
D Heart palpitations or pounding heart
D Sweating
D Trembling
D Shortness of breath
D Feeling as if you're choking
D Nausea
D Dizziness or light-headedness
D Feeling chilled or overheated
D Numbness or tingling sensations
D Fear of dying or losing control
Sources: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute;
Anxiety and Depression Association of America

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