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3 Signs of Thyroid Trouble
Your thyroid is a tiny gland that can cause big problems if it makes too little
or too much thyroid hormone. The hormone controls many activities in
your body, including how fast your heart beats and how quickly your body
burns calories.
Here are three signs you should have your thyroid checked:
1. Weight changes without trying. Talk to your doctor if you are
gaining or losing weight without modifying your diet or activity level.
2. Running too hot or too cold. Are you cold when others are hot,
or do you feel hot even when there's a chill in the air? If it's not related
to menopause, you might have a thyroid problem.
3. Feeling anxious or depressed. A thyroid that produces too little
hormone can leave you fatigued, sad or depressed, whereas you might
feel anxious and irritable if your thyroid produces too much hormone.

If you are diagnosed with a thyroid condition,
visit to
participate in online discussions and get tips
from others in your situation.



D Appeal to their interests and
abilities. If your child would prefer to read than to play sports,
for instance, try an activity
like geocaching, which is both
active and intellectual.

D Be more active yourself.
Lead by example and engage in
some form of physical activity
every day. And resist complaining about it (at least audibly).

D Give active gifts. Instead
of video games, give items
that encourage activity, such
as skateboards, bikes, sports
balls or disc golf sets. A camera
is a great option, too; encourage
them to go outside and document what they see.

D Get competitive. Track
each person's steps and tally
them weekly. Winner gets to
choose the next family activity.


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When they were toddlers, they
wouldn't stay put for five minutes. But now your kids have
permanent imprints on the sofa.
With these tips, encourage
them to be more active:

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