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Take these steps to avoid getting
sidelined by common orthopedic issues


ho doesn't remember the childhood
lyrics "The knee bone's connected to the
thigh bone" and so on? The joints do this
connecting work. In fact, the human body has
more than 200 joints.
Elizabeth Matzkin, M.D., a spokeswoman for the American
Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, walks us through the four
major joints and gives us tips for keeping them healthy.

Shoulder Joint
DTrouble spots: Overhead motions

from activities such as swimming,
tennis and weightlifting, or even
washing walls, can trigger a shoulder
injury. "It's important to keep the
shoulder joint centered in the socket,"
Matzkin says. "The way to do this is by having a strong muscle
group around the shoulder."
DQuick tips: Do exercises and stretches that target the
deltoid, trapezius and rhomboid muscles as well as the biceps
and triceps.

Hip Joint


DTrouble spots: Improper warmups

before exercise can stretch or tear the
muscles that support the hip joints.
Older adults may experience stiffness
and pain in the hip joint from
osteoarthritis, which is a breakdown
of the cartilage that cushions joints.
DQuick tips: "Target the core muscles and hip flexors-
these are important for protecting your hip," Matzkin says.
Swimming, which is often recommended for people with
arthritis, limits stress on the hips and knees.

Knee Joint
DTrouble spots: Have knee pain?

Check your waistline. "There is clear
data that obesity is not good for the
joints," Matzkin says. "For every 5 pounds
you lose, it feels like 25 pounds of
weight loss on the knee."
DQuick tips: Exercise strengthens and stabilizes muscles
around the knee. "Focus on hip flexors, abductors and
quadriceps," Matzkin says.

Ankle Joint
DTrouble spots: Shoes can play a big

role in ankle joint health. "We see ankle
problems from women squeezing into
high heels," Matzkin says. Also, highimpact activities or sports with quick
side-to-side motions, such as running,
basketball, tennis and soccer, stress the ankle.
DQuick tips: Wear supportive, appropriately fitting shoes.
Strengthen your foot muscles and shin muscles to better
support your ankles. 1

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