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Did you know that cervical cancer is the
easiest gynecologic cancer to prevent?
By staying on top of your screenings,
you'll have a better chance of identifying
cancer early or preventing it altogether.
The screenings that can help you stay
healthy are:
DPap test. This looks for precancerous
cells on the cervix that might become
cervical cancer if they are not treated
properly. It is recommended for
women ages 21 to 65.
DHPV test. This test screens for human
papillomavirus, which can cause cancerous cell changes. If you are 30 or
older, you can opt to have an HPV test
at the same time as your Pap test.

The staff of the Behavioral Health Unit.

BHU receives Guardian
of Excellence Award
Salina Regional's Behavioral Health Unit has again received
the Guardian of Excellence Award by Press Ganey. This
annual award is based on data collected from last year and
recognizes organizations who have reached the 95th percentile for patient experience, engagement or clinical
quality performance.
"We have a great group of staff members working on the
Behavioral Health Unit," says Director of Psychiatric Services
Shayla Koochel. "And the best compliment we could receive
is when our patients express that we are meeting their
needs. The Guardian of Excellence Award is based on patient
reviews, and that's what makes it so special."
The Behavioral Health Unit received this award in 2014
and 2017.

CORRECTION: The spring issue incorrectly stated that skim milk is missing calcium and protein; skim milk contains both.
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