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for Contraception
Wendy Dinkel, D.O., of Lindsborg
Community Hospital and Family
Health Care Clinic, now offers
contraceptive counseling and
insertion of intrauterine devices
(IUD) and progestin implants.
Depending on the contraceptive,
Wendy Dinkel, D.O.
these devices last three to
10 years.
An IUD is a small, T-shaped object inserted into the
uterus to prevent pregnancy. Dinkel offers two IUD
options: Mirena®, which is made of flexible plastic and
releases the synthetic hormone progestin to prevent
pregnancy, and Paragard®, a copper IUD that triggers the
body's immune system to prevent conception without
the use of hormones.
NEXPLANON® is the progestin implant procedure
Dinkel offers. It is a small rod inserted under the skin
of the inner upper arm that releases
progestin to prevent pregnancy.
IUDs and implants are considered
the most effective forms
of birth control by the
American College of
Obstetricians and
These forms of
birth control
are long-acting
and reversible.

Memorial Health System


Memorial Health System (MHS)
in Abilene welcomed the addition
of Harold Courtois as its new chief
executive officer this year.
The MHS Board of Directors
began the search for a new CEO
with more than 40 applicants.
"They were all very qualified,"
says board member Dennis
Biggs, M.D., "but Harold
Harold Courtois
stood out among all of them
and was absolutely the best fit
for our organization."
Courtois comes to Abilene with over 30 years of experience in healthcare administration. Prior to this position, he
served as the CEO for Russell Regional Hospital in Russell,
Kansas, as well as Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital
in WaKeeney.
"I am excited to get to know the people at Memorial
Health System and in the community of Abilene. My wife
and I feel that Memorial Health System and the Abilene
community are a great fit for us. We are anxious to make
Abilene our new home," Courtois says.

Republic County Hospital

4th Official


Republic County Hospital in
Belleville welcomed David-Paul
Cavazos as its new chief executive officer in June, making him
the fourth official administrator
for the hospital.
"We've been lucky enough
to have administrators who
have had long tenure," Cavazos
says, "which I think speaks as a
David-Paul Cavazos
testament to the hospital, the
people and community here."
Prior to this position,
Cavazos was the chief operating officer for Southeast
Kansas Mental Health Center in Iola, which served eight
offices across six counties. Cavazos carries more than 18
years of healthcare experience and leadership, including
in public relations.
"They have a really good core group of people here at
the hospital. The employees are definitely one of its most
valued assets," he says. "They really make this place go."

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