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buildup of scar tissue, which meant
the damage occurred long before
track season.
"I had dislocated it during a football
game my freshman year, and I thought it
was no big deal because it popped right
back into place," says Brody, now 16 and
a junior. "I'm guessing I tore it
way more during the sports
I played afterward."
Within hours of an injury
and over a period of days, our
bodies get to work on healing
by producing scar tissue in
an effort to replace damaged
tissue. Brody's body had been
trying to heal but was unable to
because of repetitive use. By the
time he visited Hawkes, surgery
was the only solution to treat
the injury.

at Local

Timothy Hawkes, D.O.


Confidence Instilled
by "Phenomenal" Care

Athletic trainers offer
on-site services at Salina
Central, Salina South,
Ell-Saline, Southeast of
Saline and Smoky Valley
high schools. Athletes
can access the trainers
for injury assessment,
treatment and education.
Trainers work to prevent
injuries by identifying and
addressing factors that
could expose athletes to
more serious injury, making it possible for them to
compete all season long.
Athletes can ask
their coaches for information on how to see an
athletic trainer.

The Comeback Kid
Hawkes performed Brody's surgery
in Salina in July 2018. Following
medical advice closely, Brody took
care of his shoulder by diligently
doing the stretches provided by his
physical therapists and sitting out for
the subsequent football season and half
of basketball season.
"It was kind of scary because I was
really weak after my surgery," says
Brody, who experienced a major surgery for the first time. When pondering
the what-ifs of recovery would trouble
Brody, he'd turn to his grandparents
for encouragement and strength
by example.
"My grandpa has had surgery, and
he always got through it," Brody says.

sure, realizing it's hard work to come
back from that. But he did it."
When asked what he looks forward
to in the upcoming year, Brody says:
"Getting back into football. I definitely
miss football, and I can push myself
more than I was able to before. I'm
excited to see what I can do."

"He would tell me, 'You'll get back to
normal.' They've been through a lot of
surgeries in Salina, and they helped me
through mine."
Not only did Brody recover, but he
also made a comeback. As soon as it was
safe for him to return to full activity, he
was back in the weight room lifting.
"He's a bionic man now," laughs his
mother, thrilled at her son's success in
recovery. "He grew a lot that year for

Matthew Pyle, D.O.

Corey Harp, P.A.

Vance had her own emotions to deal
with before Brody's surgery.
"When someone says your 15-yearold needs to have shoulder surgery, it
seems surreal," she says.
Like any concerned parent, she was
apprehensive about placing her son's
life into the hands of a surgeon she did
not know. However, referrals to Hawkes
from trusted friends and her observation of his persistence in discovering the
source of Brody's pain put her at ease.
"I was a bit standoffish at first, if
that's the word, but Dr. Hawkes was
very thorough with everything and once
I'd seen how dedicated he was, that just
made me very comfortable," Vance says.
The Vance family went through a
second sports injury soon after Brody's,
this time with sister Shelby and her hip.
They returned to the Salina Regional
Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic,
where Shelby was seen by sports medicine physician Matthew Pyle, D.O.
"He's just a genuine, super nice guy,"
Vance says about Pyle. "The first time
we met him, we loved him right away.
Both of them (Hawkes and Pyle) are
phenomenal people. All in all, we had
a really good experience." 1

Nathan Kasting, P.A.

Sadie Teixeira, N.P.

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