Health Beat - Fall 2019 - 5

M.D., Named

Senior Vice
Medical Officer
By Beth Vinson


obert Freelove, M.D., has been
named senior vice president/
chief medical officer for Salina
Regional Health Center.
Freelove is part of the hospital's
executive team and oversees the Salina
Regional Medical Group, clinical integration of its system and clinical expansion
in the region.
"Salina Regional Health Center has
experienced significant growth over
the past 10 years. One of those areas of
growth is the Salina Regional Medical
Group. That group has grown from two
physicians to 80 physicians and more
than 40 advanced practice providers
in that time period," says Joel Phelps,
SRHC also added services in orthopedics and sports medicine, general
surgery, neurosurgery, trauma, stroke
and chest pain, family medicine and
other areas.
"With our expansion of services,
the leadership transition plan over the
next year, including Dr. Freelove, is a
positive addition to our efforts of clinical integration, medical group leadership and expansion of services in the
region," Phelps says.
Freelove began his medical career
in Salina as a resident at the Smoky Hill
Family Medicine Residency Program
and joined the program as a faculty

member upon graduation. In 2006, he
was named program director for the
residency program and chief medical
officer for the Salina Family Healthcare
Center, serving in those roles for the
next 12 years. Overlapped with that,
Freelove has served as CEO of Salina
Family Healthcare Center
for the past 10 years.
"I was excited at the
"I was excited at the
opportunity to join
opportunity to join the
the Salina Regional
Salina Regional Health
Health Center team
Center team and play
and play a larger role
a larger role in enhancing
in enhancing access
access to quality healthto quality healthcare
care in our community
in our community
and region," Freelove
and region."
says. "During my time
Robert Freelove, M.D.
as CEO of Salina Family
Healthcare, we increased
access to healthcare for patients, especially underserved patients, through
growth in clinic space and workforce,
addition and integration of services, and
expansion of the residency program.
I look forward to continuing that work
while helping fulfill the mission, vision
and values of Salina Regional Health
Center in my new role." 1



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