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Regular visits with the same
doctor can build a valuable
relationship: That doctor
knows you, your health history and your
needs. Barb Stroda and her four daughters, of Hope, Kansas, have had a lifelong relationship with Salina Women's
Clinic and confidently entrust their care
to obstetrician-gynecologist Merle "Boo"
Hodges, M.D.

All in the family
Barb's first two daughters were born
in Herington, after which she decided
to have her youngest two delivered in
Salina by the late Merle Hodges, M.D.,
the current Dr. Hodges' father.
"Salina had more specialized care,"
Barb says.
The pursuit of experienced women's
healthcare brought Barb to Salina, and
the friendliness and wealth of knowledge she found in her physicians-first
the elder Dr. Hodges, then his son-
comforted her to stay. This invaluable
relationship remains today and extends
to three of Barb's daughters. Now
grown, married and working women
with families of their own, daughters
Pam, Renae and Kim continue to receive
care from Dr. Hodges, who has delivered
every one of their children. Daughter
Debbie moved away from the area,
which her sisters and mother say is the
only reason she is no longer a patient of
Dr. Hodges.

Confidence through
the highs and the lows
"Boo's a great guy," Barb says. Her
daughters agree, talking over one
another as they praise the doctor.
"Boo just doesn't mess around,"
one sister says. "His goal was to deliver
healthy babies and have a healthy
mom," another says.
Daughters Pam, Renae and Kim
sit around the table with Barb as they
recount their experiences at Salina
Women's Clinic and times they turned to
Dr. Hodges for healthcare needs, referrals and reassurance.
Kim had difficulty during labor with
her twins and was nearly transferred to
Wichita for care. However, she stayed
under the charge of Dr. Hodges at Salina

Merle "Boo"
Hodges, M.D.

Graber, M.D.

Davis, M.D.

Care for Women of All Ages
and Stages of Life
Merle "Boo" Hodges, M.D., began working in obstetrics and gynecology alongside his father in 1987 at the Hodges Women's Clinic. The clinic is now known as
Salina Women's Clinic and is led by Dr. Hodges, Christopher Graber, M.D., and
Natalie Davis, M.D.
Salina Women's Clinic provides complete care for all stages of a woman's
health, including general wellness checkups, minimally invasive hysterectomy
surgery and welcoming newborns into the world. Salina Women's Clinic is
committed to providing the highest level of clinical care and personal comfort.
To schedule an appointment with a physician at Salina Women's Clinic, call
785-827-7996. Visit to learn more.

Da Vinci Surgery at Salina Women's Clinic

Robotic-assisted surgery has revolutionized hysterectomies by minimizing incisions, which can mean less pain and shorter recoveries and hospital stays. Salina
Women's Clinic has been performing hysterectomies using the innovative da Vinci
surgical technology exclusively at Salina Regional Health Center since 2009.
Nurse Kimberly Diekmann was the first to have a da Vinci surgery at Salina
Women's Clinic. "The da Vinci
is impressive," she says. "It's so
precise and takes a lot of training. But that's technology-you
have to keep up with it, and
Salina Regional has."

Regional Health Center for the duration of her delivery and postnatal care.
She was comforted by the presence of
a specialized nursery should anything
go wrong, and the assurance from her
obstetrician that he had the resources
to take care of her and her babies. Kim
gave birth to two healthy boys, who
today are seniors in high school.
"It was scary, but Boo took very
good care of me," Kim says.
Pam says Dr. Hodges helped her
address kidney and urology issues by
connecting her with appropriate specialists. The surgeries were more invasive
than anticipated, so Pam reached out to
her trusted OB-GYN for guidance.
"Boo told me to come in so he could
take a look," Pam says. "And he said,

'Everything is fine, don't worry. He did
a good job.' He [Dr. Hodges] didn't have
to see me, because the other doctor
did the surgery, but he knew we were
really concerned."
The women say their physician and
the staff at Salina Women's Clinic create
a friendly and personable atmosphere.
"They just make you feel comfortable," Barb says.
Collectively, the Stroda family has
faced 13 births and at least six nonbirth-related surgeries through Salina
Women's Clinic, with each major life
event further securing the tie that binds
their trust in Dr. Hodges and his staff.
"All of us have had good care there,"
the Strodas jibe. "They've earned our
trust and kept it." 1


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