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Looking for a snack that's great on the go and good for you, too? Prepare hummus
before your trip, along with vitamin-packed vegetables or pita for dipping.

One 15-ounce can chickpeas
(garbanzo beans), drained
½ cup tahini (ground sesame
¹/³ cup fresh lemon juice (from
2-3 lemons), or more to taste
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus
more for garnish
2 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon ground cumin
Salt to taste
Pine nuts and sesame seeds,
for garnish
In a food processor, combine chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil,
garlic and cumin. Add salt. Add water,
1-2 tablespoons at a time, to desired
consistency. Serve garnished with olive
oil, pine nuts and sesame seeds.


DBeet hummus: Roast or boil

8 ounces of scrubbed, trimmed
whole beets until tender. Set aside
to cool, then remove and discard
the skins and cut into chunks.
Add to food processor with other

DSpinach hummus: Add 3 ounces
(6 cups loosely packed) baby spinach leaves to hummus ingredients.
Serve drizzled with olive oil and
chopped pistachios.
Makes 8 servings (about ¹⁄³ cup
per serving).

Nutritional information per serving:
Beet hummus:
Traditional hummus:
231 calories; 15.7 g
219 calories; 15.7 g
total fat; 5.9 g protein;
total fat; 5.4 g protein;
19.2 g carbohydrates;
16.4 g carbohydrates;
0 mg cholesterol;
0 mg cholesterol;
185 mg sodium; 3.7 g
163 mg sodium; 3.1 g
dietary fiber.
dietary fiber.

You're on holiday-and you really
want to visit that famous ice-cream
stand, doughnut shop and friedclam shack. That's OK, says Leonard
D. Reeves, M.D., a member of the
board of directors of the American
Academy of Family Physicians.
"Savor the moment. Enjoy the taste
of food. That's what vacation is all
about," Dr. Reeves says.
The key? Limits. "As long as
you keep things in moderation,
you won't feel like you're depriving
yourself," Dr. Reeves says. Instead of
looking at vacation as a time to eat
whatever you want, try to:
DSave your splurges for foods
you genuinely want to try.
DShare treats with your travel
partners to keep portion sizes
under control.
DPack healthy snacks for long
drives and flights.
DDrink lots of water, as traveling
from one climate to another can
cause dehydration.
DSkip processed foods and sugary
DExercise, even if it's a walk on
the beach or a short hike in the

Spinach hummus:
259 calories; 19.3 g
total fat; 5.9 g protein;
18.6 g carbohydrates;
0 mg cholesterol;
163 mg sodium; 4.8 g
dietary fiber.

For more travel-friendly
healthy eating tips, go
and search "away
from home."

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