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By John Berggren

Specialty Outreach Grows Across Region


n an effort to improve access
to specialists, Salina Regional
Health Center added nine new
outreach clinics in the past year with
seven specialty providers. Now 27
specialty outreach clinics are open
in 12 communities across the region.
"People like to get care close to
home, and we want to reach people
where their needs are best met,"
says Rob Freelove, M.D., senior
vice president/chief medical officer
at Salina Regional Health Center.
"In coordination with area primary
care providers, these specialists are
able to provide a number of services at these clinics. If additional
care is needed, the full resources
of Salina Regional Health Center
also can be easily accessed through
these clinics."
Three of the new outreach clinics have been established at Cloud
County Health Center. Pediatric
neurologist Britton Zuccarelli, M.D.,
obstetrician/gynecologist Natalie
Davis, M.D., and orthopedic surgeon Travis Rump, D.O., all see
patients in Concordia.
"These clinics save patients quite
a few hours of travel to Salina,"
says Curtis Walter, senior director

of clinical operations at Cloud County
Health Center. "Many orthopedic
patients have mobility issues, so getting
to Salina for multiple appointments can
be a challenge. With obstetrics, women
have quite a few appointments over
the course of a pregnancy. We can save
travel to all of these appointments."
The traveling specialists also use
many of the host hospital's services, such
as lab, radiology and physical therapy.
That provides added revenue for area
hospitals that host the clinics.

Technology Also
Improves Access
Since 2015, Salina Regional Health
Center has offered vCare, or
telemedicine, for specialists to consult
with patients at area critical access
hospitals. Using interactive video,
patients accompanied by a nurse at
their participating hometown hospital
can be seen by a specialist in Salina.

Salina Regional has vCare service
agreements with 10 area hospitals to
provide access to specialists in oncology/
hematology, behavioral health, diabetic
counseling, neurosurgery and pediatric neurology.
Additionally, select primary care
physicians are piloting technology to
provide virtual doctor's visits. Family
physicians in Salina, Lindsborg and
Concordia are offering trials for
the service. Participating patients
must have a device with a camera
and microphone.
Primary care virtual visits are
initially being used for established
patients who need routine follow-up
care, such as medication management
or lab result consultations, lifestyle
modification counseling or consultations for minor skin ailments. The technology also is being used for behavioral
health consultations and occupational
health services. 1

Find out where you can access Salina
Regional's vCare services by visiting

New Specialists Ready to Treat Your Family

Gomendoza, M.D.,
Memorial Health
System, Abilene
Clay County Medical
Center, Clay Center

Leslie Mack, APRN,
Russell Regional
Hospital, Russell

Peeran Sandhu,
M.D., Oncology;
Memorial Health
System, Abilene

Doug Davis, M.D.,

Britton Zuccarelli,
M.D., Pediatric
Pediatric Associates,
Cloud County Health
Center, Concordia

Natalie Davis, M.D.,
Cloud County
Health Center,

Travis Rump, D.O.,
Cloud County
Health Center,

Visit for a comprehensive list
of the 27 outreach clinics offered at 12 locations across the region.


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