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ANSWER: If you are in pain, hear a clicking sound or notice that
your joint doesn't feel like it used to, it might be time for another joint
replacement, which is called a revision, says Daniel Paull, M.D.,
a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
You also might need a new joint replacement if you develop
an infection in your replaced joint, which can still happen years after
surgery. Symptoms of an infection include stiffness and swelling,
though Paull says they aren't common.

The second time a joint is replaced, it's a
more complex surgery than a first-time joint
replacement. For details about the procedure, visit and search for "revision."


Autism is a developmental condition
characterized by challenges communicating and interacting socially.
People with autism might learn language slowly, struggle to make eye
contact or to talk to people, have
intense interests and be sensitive to
sensory input.
Autism is considered a spectrum
disorder, because people may have
a few symptoms of the condition or
many, in varying degrees.
There is no one cause of autism, but
research shows that the condition is
a result of genetic and environmental
factors, such as birth complications.
Because the first three years of
life are pivotal for development, early
diagnosis is crucial to a child's future

well-being. In the
U.S., most children
with autism are
diagnosed between
ages 3 and 6. Once
diagnosed, children
may receive behavioral
therapy, medication or
a combination of both to
manage the condition.
A big indicator that your
child might have autism is
missed developmental milestones,
including making eye contact,
learning to talk and responding
to his or her name.
Talk to your pediatrician if you
have any concerns about your
child's progress.

Monitor your child's
development from
age 2 months to
5 years with the
Milestone Tracker
app from the Centers
for Disease Control
and Prevention,
available in Apple's
App Store and
on Google Play.

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