Health Beat - Winter 2020 - 12


A Vietnam veteran gives thanks for
his top-notch care during two hospital stays in one month
By Meghan Klaassen

Dan Boccia, of Salina, is
filled with gratitude for
every person involved in
his treatment and recovery during two hospital
stays in one month at Salina Regional
Health Center.
"They were very thorough," Boccia
says. "I didn't leave wishing I had more
information. They were very calm and
to the point and direct."
Boccia's most recent medical ordeal
began at his home when he started
sweating profusely and found it difficult
to breathe. He called his oldest daughter, Kristin Menzies, who kept him on
the phone and dialed 911.
"He sounded to me like he was having all the symptoms of a heart attack,"
Menzies says.
An ambulance brought him to
SRHC. He doesn't remember what
happened next.
Menzies does. She became the designated contact to receive reports of
Boccia's condition from volunteers and
the emergency physician in charge.
"He took us aside and I can't remember his exact words, but he was very
direct, honest and thorough," Menzies
says of the ER physician. "He basically
said this is a life-threatening situation,
it's very critical and we need to do
something now."


"It looked like chaos
but everyone knew their job
and they were working in
unison. It was just amazing to
watch that in action."
Kristin Menzies

Working in Unison
"There were probably 10 to 15 people in
and out around my dad," Menzies says.
"It looked like chaos but everyone knew
their job and they were working in unison. It was just amazing to watch that
in action."
Boccia was suffering from blood clots
in his leg and chest. He underwent a procedure to break up the blood clots and
was placed on blood thinners.
After the procedure, Boccia was
reported to be critical but stable and again
was admitted for two days to recover.
Boccia is grateful for everyone from
the first responders to the nurses and
surgeons all the way to the nonmedical
staff including chaplains, food service
and housekeeping. The successional,
skilled response from Salina dispatch,
paramedics and medical staff at
Salina Regional Health Center following

the 911 call saved his life. Boccia, his
wife and children are ever thankful.
Before the blood clots, he spent
a week in the hospital after suffering a
severe ruptured appendix that required
immediate surgery.

A Whole New Respect
"I developed a whole new respect for
the nursing staff," Boccia says. "God
knows what they are confronted with
day in and day out. They were constantly going. I just admired their dedication and attention to detail."
That attention included keeping the
family informed every step of the way.
Boccia and Menzies recall several times
when physicians and caregivers gave
their undivided attention to explain
procedures in-depth and answer any
questions they had.
"Dad and I are both question people,"
Menzies says. "They were very good
with our questions."
Salina Regional Health Center
encourages family involvement and
spiritual support through 24/7 hospital
chaplains and the ability to connect with
home-church pastors.
"There was no shortage of clergy,"
Boccia says. "And I requested that."
Menzies, who lives in the Salina
area, coordinated places for her family to stay. Although the Rebecca A.

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