Health Beat - Winter 2020 - 15

By John Berggren

Outpatient Geriatric
Psychiatric Services
Added in Beloit
CKF Addiction Treatment's new
headquarters in Salina at 617 E. Elm
offers space for up to 30 inpatients
seeking treatment for substance use.

at CKF's
New Location
A move to a new location in late 2018
has allowed CKF Addiction Treatment
in Salina to increase the number of inpatient beds it offers adults seeking treatment for substance use disorders.
The new location at 617 E. Elm offers
space for up to 30 inpatients.
CKF Addiction Treatment in Salina
offers education, peer support, assessment, outpatient counseling, outpatient
medical clinic services, residential inpatient care and detoxification. In addition, CKF operates outpatient offices in
McPherson, Abilene and Junction City.
Individuals are referred to the agency
by hospitals, medical clinics, criminal
justice, businesses and family members
from across the state of Kansas and occasionally beyond.
Individuals also can self-refer by visiting, calling
785-825-6224 around the clock, or by
visiting the Pathfinder Recovery Center,
which is open six days a week at the
Salina location.

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems in Beloit has added
outpatient geriatric psychiatric care to its offering of services.
The Senior Life Enrichment Unit is located just west of the
hospital's emergency entrance at 421 W. 9th Street.
Senior Life Enrichment offers direction and support for an
improved outlook and quality of life for adults ages 65 and older.
The intensive outpatient counseling program provides psychiatric evaluation, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy,
medication education and management, resource development
and discharge planning.
Seniors should seek help if they suffer from any of the
following symptoms:
DLow self-confidence
DFeelings of sadness, depression or grief lasting more than
two weeks
DDifficulty sleeping
DLoss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
DChanges in appetite
DA recent traumatic event
DLoss of energy
DFeelings of worthlessness,
loneliness or hopelessness
No referrals are necessary
and the program offers an initial free, confidential consultation.
For more information, call 785-534-1536 or visit

The Senior Life Enrichment Unit in Beloit offers outpatient
psychiatric care for geriatric patients.
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