Health Beat - Winter 2017 - 15


The new COMCARE-Minneapolis physicians clinic at Ottawa
County Health Center opened its doors to patients in October.

New Physicians Clinic
Opens in Ottawa County
By John Berggren

Ottawa County Health Center has completed a $5 million
construction and renovation project that added a new
physicians clinic to the north side of the facility and
remodeled much of the existing space.
This project also creates room for growth in the
Emergency Department and expansion of laboratory
and X-ray services. The hospital now offers an on-site
CT scanner to complement its radiology offerings.
The hospital's 14 inpatient rooms were all made private
with private bathrooms. The attached long-term care area
has also been remodeled and upgraded.
Having the COMCARE-Minneapolis physicians clinic
under one roof with the hospital will improve patient care.
"Our local doctors handle all of our emergency
department coverage and inpatient care, so now
their clinic proximity to these hospital services gives
them a lot more flexibility," says Jody Parks, Ottawa
County Health Center administrator. "The doctors were
involved in the layout and design of the project, so they
can care for patients in the emergency department,
inpatient unit and clinic much more efficiently."
The last major construction project at Ottawa
County Health Center was completed more than 50
years ago. Virtually every service has benefited from

Patricia Barker
Little, M.D.

Bruce Labes, M.D.

Kelly Yoxall, M.D.

modernization and being brought up to date with
today's standards.
"The community and county have shown us great
support for this project, and we're pleased to be able
to offer this facility to the people," Parks says. "Their
continued support is important to our future success." 1

Call 785-392-2144 to schedule an
appointment at COMCARE-Minneapolis.

New CEO Begins Tenure in Osborne
Osborne County Memorial Hospital
welcomed Marianna Harris as its new
chief executive officer in September.
Harris replaced Kiley Floyd, who had
held the position for 17 years.
Harris was formerly employed by
Banner Health in Worland, Wyoming.
She has also held administrative

positions at hospitals in Red Cloud, Nebraska, and
Henderson, Nebraska.
"I really enjoy working in rural healthcare, and this
position brings me closer to a daughter who lives in
Mankato," Harris says.
"We will continue working on strategic planning, including
adding new services and physician recruitment to Osborne
County," she adds.


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