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Ways to STAY IN
It's Cold Out

1. Shovel snow. The driveway has to get cleared out, anyway, so
bundle up and grab a shovel (but be sure to lift heavy scoops of snow
using your leg strength, not your back). Want extra burn? Do the
neighbor's sidewalk, too.
2. Try a new winter activity. Now's the time to get into snowshoeing,
which can torch 450 calories an hour. It's a lot easier to forget it's chilly
when you're mastering something new.
3. Turn on a video. Whatever you like to do in warm weather to stay
active, you can find a fitness video that will help you develop skills in
the off-season. Runners might like increasing flexibility with a yoga
session (start with a quick search on YouTube for free options).

Use the American Heart Association's
Heart360 tool ( to track
your blood pressure reading, cholesterol
level, exercise and more.

Online Rx
LEARN your heart-health score
with My Life Check, a calculator from
the American Heart Association that
assesses your cardiovascular risk.
Go to .
WATCH former smokers share
how they fi nally kicked the habit
with the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention's "Tips from Former
Smokers" video series. Watch at

EAT easy, healthy meals with the help
of shopping lists and recipes from the
American Cancer Society. Visit cancer.
and click "Eat Healthy."


Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is not a rare disease, unfortunately: It's the second most common cancer in
American men, and one out of every seven men will be diagnosed in his lifetime. So that
makes preventive care extra-important. Talk to your doctor about screening for it when
you turn 50 (earlier if you have a family
history), either through a rectal exam or
a prostate-focused blood test. And while
there is not much you can do to fight
Can younger men get prostate
cancer? Put your knowledge to
genetics, there are studies indicating
the test with a six-question quiz:
that healthy living-such as limiting red
meat and dairy, and adding olive oil
and cruciferous vegetables-can
bolster your defenses.

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