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Use extra care when walking on ice
or snow
Be aware of hills, inclines, and stairs
Give your eyes time to adjust to the
sun before moving

Get an annual physical exam, as well
as an eye exam
Wear shoes with nonskid soles and
low heels
Do not walk in slippers or socks
Use a mobility aid-such as a cane or
walker-whenever needed
Avoid distractions when walking
Use extra care when walking
on ice or snow
Avoid alcohol and drugs

Trinity Health Orthopedics is located
at 101 3rd Ave. SW, Minot. Call

Thinking About
Safety for Kids, Too
Trinity Health launched a Safe Kids coalition in Minot
earlier this year. Safe Kids Minot is affiliated with Safe Kids
Worldwide, a nonprofit global network that helps families
and communities keep kids safe from injury.
Karen Zimmerman, chief nursing officer and vice president of Patient Care Services, says Trinity Health hopes to
bring together local health and safety experts, educators,
businesses, volunteers, and others to teach community
members about childhood safety and injury prevention.
"Pediatric injury is the leading cause of death and disability among children ages 19 and under, and we know
that these injuries are predictable and preventable,"
Zimmerman says. "Nothing is more important to Trinity
Health's mission than keeping children safe; we would
much rather prevent childhood injuries than treat them
in the Emergency/Trauma Center."
Amber Emerson, RN, serves as the Safe Kids Minot
coordinator. A registered nurse,
Amber has been associated with
Trinity Health for 14 years, working
in geriatrics, medical-surgical, and
clinic nursing, as well as in the G.I.
Lab and Same Day Surgery departments. She assumes part-time duty
in Trinity's Trauma Services program, working in the areas of injury
prevention and Safe Kids Minot.
Amber Emerson, RN
"Becoming a parent has shown
me that children can have big dreams, and it's important
that they have the chance to grow up and follow those
dreams," Emerson says. "We're a growing community
with an ever-expanding need to keep our kids safe. The
best way to do that is through education and providing the
necessary resources."
Zimmerman praised various local groups that are
already doing outstanding work in the area of childhood
safety. She says the Safe Kids Minot banner is a valuable
resource to reinforce and amplify those efforts.
Safe Kids works with an extensive network of more
than 400 coalitions in the United States and with partners
in more than 30 countries to reduce traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings, and more. Minot joins three
other coalitions in North Dakota, including Grand Forks,
Fargo, and Bismarck-Mandan. Trinity Health serves as the
lead agency of Safe Kids Minot.

GET connected to Safe Kids at


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