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Women In Tech

Launching the
5G Caucus

Reps. Susan W. Brooks (R-IN) and Debbie Dingell (D-MI) are passionate tech advocates, especially on broadband issues. Both Reps.
Brooks and Dingell serve on the House Energy and Commerce
Committee's Subcommittee on Communication and Technology
and together they co-founded the Congressional 5G Caucus.
Dingell backed the SELF-DRIVE Act to ensure the safe
and innovative development, testing, and deployment of selfdriving cars. She also supports policies to ensure businesses
from startups to large-scale private and public funded initiatives
remain at the forefront of innovation and technology.
Brooks has been a leader on broadband and healthcare tech.
Brooks was chosen to be part of House Majority Leader Kevin
McCarthy's Innovation Initiative and co-chairs the Women's
High Tech Coalition, encouraging girls to partake in STEM programs. Brooks is also a 2018 CTA Digital Patriot.

Q Why did you decide
to run for Congress?
A Four years ago, I first ran for
Congress because I believe in
getting things done. While I know
one person can't do everything,
it is my belief that one person can
make a difference. My focus in
Washington is building bipartisan
consensus and shaping policies
that advance the issues that matter
to working families - from making
health care more affordable and
accessible, protecting and
promoting Michigan jobs and
businesses, ushering in the future
of the auto industry, and protecting the Great Lakes. There's still a
lot of progress to be made, and it's
important that we have people in
Washington who aren't afraid to
build coalitions and work hard to
get things done.
Q Can you talk about the

bipartisan SELF DRIVE Act?

A We had a great victory in

September when the House
unanimously passed the bipartisan
SELF DRIVE Act, which I was proud
to develop with Congressman
Bob Latta and the leadership
of the Energy and Commerce
Committee. This bill ensures the


safe development and deployment of self-driving vehicles and
brings us closer than ever to
reducing congestion on our roads,
improving mobility for seniors
and those with disabilities, keeping the U.S. at the forefront of
innovation and technology, and
reducing the more than 35,000
deaths on our roadways each
year. The SELF DRIVE Act is proof
that bipartisan progress is still
possible in Washington, and
we're optimistic we can get it
across the finish line this year.

Q Can self-driving cars help
the disabled community?
A Yes. Transportation is not
a luxury to be enjoyed by the
very few - it is about quality of
life and freedom of movement.
This is really one of the most
fundamental freedoms that
we have, but it doesn't add up
to much if you don't have access
to services that can get you
around. That is one of the reasons
why the autonomous revolution
is so exciting. Self-driving cars
will bring mobility services to the
disabled, seniors and many other
populations who struggle to
access these services today.


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Debbie Dingell


-Congresswoman (D-MI)

ogether you launched the Congressional 5G Caucus.
How will 5G affect your district, state and nation?

Dingell: Paving the way for
5G will help lay the foundation
for American innovation. From
advancing technologies like
autonomous vehicles to building
smart cities and promoting faster
download speeds and connectivity, 5G has the potential to
improve our lives and

Q What innovation will self-

driving cars unleash? How will
it change Detroit?
A Michigan has always been
synonymous with the auto industry
and manufacturing, and the next
chapter of American innovation
is here with the development of
self-driving cars. It is so important
that this technology is developed
right here in the U.S., because this
really is an international competition, and whatever nation comes
out on top is going to be poised
for success for years to come.
Automated vehicles help the U.S.
to remain in the driver's seat.

Q How are you working with the

National Highway Traffic Safety
A We worked closely with NHTSA to
develop the SELF DRIVE Act in a way
that encourages innovation while
always putting safety first. It gives

communities and keep American
industries on the cutting edge.
Brooks: We are living in the
Internet of Things era and
a high-speed internet connection is crucial to the daily
functions of our lives.
5G impacts every citizen,
the government flexible, nimble
authorities to ensure automated
vehicles are safe. Our legislation
also requires manufacturers of
self-driving cars to submit safety
assessment letters to NHTSA as well
as a plan to NHTSA detailing how
they are addressing both cybersecurity and data security issues.

Q You are known as a bridge-builder, how can tech leaders better
work with policymakers?
A Talk with people on both sides
of an issue. Know your audience
and discuss, engage, listen and
be willing to compromise.

Q Who inspires you?
A The Pope. I am a Catholic girl
whose faith matters, and his
wisdom and compassion are
symbols of how we all should
treat each other and foster the
spirit of community.


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