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all looking for data to help us make more informed
decisions," he says.
Response is also coming in the form of funding.
Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA, has committed $225
million to the response, including support for the
United Nations Foundation's COVID-19 Solidarity
Response Fund and WHO's worldwide efforts to
prevent, detect and manage the spread of the virus.
The IT company is also providing state and local
funding through its Country Digital Acceleration
program, with free access to its online security tools
during the pandemic.
Likewise, the Sony Global Relief Fund for
COVID-19 has provided $100 million to help workers who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.
According to Lisa Gephardt, senior director of corporate communications for
Sony Corp. of America, "With
the world facing unprecedented challenges, as a global
company we believe we have
an important responsibility to
society, and as a creative entertainment company with a solid
foundation of technology, we
want to help restore peace of
mind, and contribute to filling
the world with emotion."
The funds, explains Gephardt,
"will support creators, artists
and other partners in the creative community across industries such as music,
pictures, game and animation, who have been
impacted by the cancellation or postponement of concerts and live events, or the shutting down of film and
television productions."
The first $10 million of the funding will be donated
to organizations supporting frontline medical and
first responder efforts. "Going forward," Gephardt
explains, "Sony will offer its employees a matching
gift program and continue to explore other ways to
support external organizations."
Amazon has donated $1 million to launch the
Seattle Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund,
which has allowed more than 120 nonprofits to receive
financial assistance to help their response to the pandemic. The e-commerce giant has also donated more
than 8,000 laptops to students in need.
For many in the tech industry, helping ease transitions between pre- and post-COVID life, like online
learning and staying at home, is a big part of the
relief efforts.
"Making sure our kids have the ability to keep
learning is one of the most important things we can
collectively do," says Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon
Web Services in Seattle. 
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As the coronavirus impacts countries around the globe, government
agencies and health systems are focused on slowing the spread of the
disease. However, another major concern is the influence of the virus on
the economy as COVID-19 disrupts supply chains and manufacturing. CTA
is monitoring the outbreak, tracking what this means for the industry and
identifying best practices to address broader business challenges.
CTA has developed online resources to provide insights, links to government data and the latest research on the health crisis at:
Up-to-Date CTA Research
The CTA research team is monitoring breaking developments
on the economy with the following reports:
● Consumer Technology Industry Update: COVID-19 Effects:
March 4
● Coronavirus Member Impact
Study: March 18
● COVID-19 Impact Study: Use
of Technology at Home: March 26
● Weekly Technology Use/Purchase Monitor: March 30
This weekly tracker monitors
consumer usage and purchases
across tech categories including
online services and devices
during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Results publish each Wednesday
on the CTA.tech/techtracker
● Special 2020 Industry Forecast
Update: Assessing COVID-19
Impact: April 20
COVID-19 Research
Publishing Soon:
● The New Home Office:
Technology Empowering
America's Remote Workforce
● Coronavirus Member
Impact Study: Part Two
● COVID-19 Impact Study: Use
of Technology at Home (Canada)
● Technology's Role in
Remote Education: Teacher &
Parent Sentiment
Resources for Small
Small companies are being particularly impacted by the health
crisis, so CTA provides online
up-to-date information, news
and direction on where to find
support for small business loans
and government relief during
this economic disruption.

Digital Health Resources
Telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and real-time communication between patients and clinicians can play
an important role in helping address the
evolving coronavirus outbreak. The U.S.
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) calls
for the increased use of telehealth to
evaluate, triage and care for patients in
the fight against pandemic outbreaks.

● CTA and ATA Launch Directory
of Telehealth Technologies
CTA and the American Telemedicine
Association (ATA) launched a new
website of telehealth tech solutions
featuring digital health resources
from remote monitoring to telemedicine to assist the health care industry
during the outbreak.
● Guiding Principles on Virtual Care
CTA's virtual care principles give health
care companies the recommendations to protect consumer trust and
improve virtual care.
Webinars to Stay Informed
Interactive webinars share what
CTA member companies are doing
in this unprecedented time.
● Health Technology and
COVID-19: The Current Landscape
and a Look Ahead
● Using Tech to Address
Isolation During COVID-19
● Raising Venture Capital
Funding During COVID-19
● Coronavirus Legislation:
What it Means to Employers
● COVID-19, How CTA Members
can Manage Business Continuity
● How Companies are
Putting People First
● Small Business Assistance
During COVID-19


GO ONLINE: For more information,


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http://CTA.tech/Membership/COVID19-Member-Resources http://CTA.tech/Membership/Webinars http://CTA.tech/i3

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