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What prompted you to found an accessory company to enhance the home
entertainment experience?

A There is a huge gap in the accessory's category right now.
You either have super-premium accessories or interchangeable nondescript ones that are not reliable. This gap was felt not only by customers,
but also by the global consumer technology retailers. Austere was created
to fill that gap. We use exceptional materials and the latest innovation to
ensure the best performance. But beyond that, Austere pays unique attention to the details. Everything is done with purpose, from the packaging to
its brand elements. It's design with intent. Our name, Austere, defines our
style discipline. But our tagline "More Than Expected" tells our customers
that they should expect more from a brand.

as the retailer that simply weren't being
By being incredibly disciplined on this
strategy, Austere has weathered both
unprecedented tariffs as well as a global
pandemic in our first year of operation and
we still deliver what we promise: home theater accessories that are driving a market
resurgence that is more than expected.

Q What differentiates Austere from its
Q How has your 20+ years of experience in

the consumer technology industry helped
to inform your insights as an entrepreneur?
A Since I began my career in consumer
technology, nearly every project I have
worked on has been entrepreneurial - from
an actual start-up to start-ups within a business. So, I'm very familiar with developing
new products that solve customer needs
and establishing the appropriate markets to
reach them.
No matter the challenges, the roadmap
for success is the same: being laser-focused
on your goal. When establishing a business,
it's important to be quick, nimble and able
to work amidst chaos. It's not real sexy the
first few years and you will fail often. But my
team and I at Austere have our eyes firmly
on the prize of offering technology accessories that collide performance with style
for the home. Because I have spent 20+
years in consumer technology, I was able to
see what was available in the market - what
is there too much of? Not enough of? And
I used those boundaries to build Austere
to serve the needs of the customer as well
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competitors? Can you talk about your
aDesign philosophy?
A We knew from day one that the power
of the brand would make or break us. We
needed the right name, style, out-of-box
experience, product innovation and how
we add value to both the retail partner
and the consumer. Our relentless pursuit
of the brand and applying its pillars to
everything we do absolutely differentiates us from any other tech accessory
brand out there. And it's obvious from the
look and feel of our POP and packaging
to the performance of every single product that we are committed to challenging
the status quo.
One of Austere's founding brand pillars
is our aDesign philosophy, which begins
with a passion to create products with
purpose and style. Every element
of its design and material is handpicked for the consumer experience.
I am very proud of that. You can go
through every product we offer and
find important design details that
offer an improved experience.

Q How has being a female executive
shaped your career and business
A I started my career at Macy's in fashion
accessories. Through a happy accident, I
found myself a few years later working in
a different kind of accessories: consumer
technology. Like so many consumers, I
appreciate style, and that's why I combined
my business experience and passion from
fashion with consumer electronics to
launch Austere.
Specific to being a female executive, for
most of my adult life I've had to navigate
the work / home balance. I am a natural
multi-tasker and problem solver, which are
critical skills in business. Problem solving is just part of my DNA. I also strongly
believe that women are holistic problem
solvers - we look at the bigger picture and
the details and tend to be more open to
collaboration, ultimately looking at more
options and finding the best solutions.
With so many challenges this year - tariffs,
COVID - all companies have been put to
the test. But I've built a team that is balanced and diverse to ensure we are hearing
all voices and that allows me to better serve
my retailers and my customers.

Q Is the trade situation affecting your
business? How?

A It's been an incredible experience to

create a company and serve as its CEO
and to offer a unique brand to consumers.
But upon finally launching the brand and
putting product into retail stores, we - like
many other tech businesses and startups
- hit a roadblock. It's not something we



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