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Contents FALL 2016 THE BIG STORY It's your (other) full-time job: keeping your family healthy and safe. PAGE 14 FEATURES 9 28 10 49 14 50 22 52 Drs. Mom and Dad Parents know: Kids need constant care and attention to be as healthy as possible. Dad-vocate Actor Chris Pratt is spreading the word about premature birth after his son was born nine weeks early. Keeping Kids Safe From food allergies (know the signs) to crib bumpers (don't use them!), there's a lot to know to protect your children. Get Schooled Back-to-school time is always an adjustment. We have some advice that can help. Building an Alzheimer's Toolkit It is possible-and important -to communicate with a loved one with Alzheimer's. Know the Truth About Vaccines Is your tween or teen protected against a virus that causes up to 25,000 cancers each year in the U.S.? Sooner the Better A Virginia man has his wife-and a lung cancer ad in this magazine- to thank for saving his life. Life After Colorectal Cancer Carol Chisholm has adjusted to her "new normal" and is helping others do the same as a volunteer counselor. 54 Shared Experiences When Sara Parcell learned she inherited her father's heart condition, she needed to know, did I pass it on to my children? IN EVERY ISSUE 2 Life in Balance 3 Healthy Dose 4 Ask the Expert: Could It Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 5 Make 1 Change: Keep Blood Pressure in Check with Potassium 32 The Quick List 33 This Just In 38 The Truth: ADHD 40 How To: Prepare for a Colonoscopy 42 Freak Out or Chill Out: Childhood Illnesses 44 At a Glance: Smoking 46 In the Market: Brussels Sprouts 48 Health by the Numbers: Organ Donation What's your body shape telling you? PAGE 34 6 All in the Family For a Roanoke woman and her two siblings, high blood pressure led to kidney failure that required a transplant. COVER PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES/ALBERT L. ORTEGA FALL 2016 1

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2016 - University of Virginia