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Contents SUMMER 2016 THE BIG STORY Discover three ways to get a blueberry boost. PAGE 46 Exercise doesn't just prevent future disease. It can improve your overall health, starting right now. PAGE 14 IN EVERY ISSUE FEATURES 6 22 9 10 28 Making History After years plagued with severe headaches and memory lapses, two Virginia moms find relief, thanks to a pioneering UVA neurosurgeon. Work It Most of us don't get the exercise we need, gym membership or not. Too Hip to Quit Sitcom-starturned-dramaticpowerhouse Steve Carell represents a new type of joint replacement patient: active and well under 65. 14 Bodies in Motion Sneaky ways to get more exercise into your daily life. Step one: Stand up! Your InjuryPrevention Playbook You don't have to be a pro athlete to get hurt. Here's how to protect yourself while getting fit. The Science of Weight Loss What is metabolism, anyway? Tips on using science to promote weight loss. 54 An Open Dialogue: How to Deal with Depression When depression strikes, all too often a person doesn't seek help. But there is hope for even long-standing conditions. 49 Seeing the Stars Again In her own words, a UVA professor shares what it was like to write a companion guide to Dan Brown's Inferno while battling cancer. 2 Life in Balance 3 Healthy Dose 4 Ask the Expert: End Chronic Tendon Pain 5 Make 1 Change: Take 5 Minutes to Reset 32 The Quick List 33 This Just In 38 The Truth About Old Wives' Tales 40 How To: Quit Smoking 42 Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? 44 At a Glance: Portion Control 46 In the Market: Blueberries 48 Health by the Numbers: Sleep Peanut butter for baby? PAGE 34 52 A Summer to Remember While coaching his son's baseball team to a state championship, Jay Williams knew he was facing a serious threat to his health. COVER PHOTO BY STEVE GRANITZ/CONTRIBUTOR; INSET PHOTO OF STEVE CARELL BY CBS PHOTO ARCHIVE/CONTRIBUTOR; JAY WILLIAMS PHOTO BY JACKSON SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY SUMME R 2016 1

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2016 - University of Virginia