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LEGACY GIVING Long-lasting Impact of Legacy Giving O ver the years, legacy gifts have led to phenomenal improvements in cancer care at the BC Cancer Agency. Whether a gift left in a will or through an RRSP beneficiary designation, these critical sources of funding help to sustain long-term projects, which result in breakthrough research that uncovers new information about cancer. Today, the BC Cancer Agency is working on innovative research projects where cancer genomics intersect with clinical trials, and this revolutionary work is already re-shaping the future of patient care. SUPPORTING NEW TREATMENTS Dr. Marco Marra, director of the BC Cancer Agency's Genome Sciences Centre (GSC), spoke with DISCOVERY about the impact that donors have had in growing cancer research in B.C. He says, "Without this generous support, the GSC would not exist and would never have created employment for 1,000 people or brought into B.C. more than $700 million in grants and contracts. Our teams would not have been first in the world to decode lymphoma, breast and ovarian cancer genomes. Our teams would not now be able to offer exciting new cancer treatments to our cancer patients here in B.C." Legacy gifts of the not-so-distant past have strengthened a stream of donor support and have enabled cancer researchers and clinicians to embark on life-saving work. Through legacy gifts and support of the BC Cancer Foundation, donors are a part of a unique and successful approach that links care and research. Dr. Marra and his team at the GSC are actively collaborating with colleagues in the clinic to utilize the wealth of information that genomic sequencing can offer in cancer diagnoses and treatment planning. IMPROVING PATIENT OUTCOMES Dr. Karen Gelmon, a medical oncologist with the BC Cancer Agency, works closely with Dr. Marra to offer her patients the most informed, cutting-edge treatment possible. Dr. Gelmon commented on the impact of donor support: "Our goals are to improve the outcomes of patients with cancer by understanding the unique features of each individual's disease and to learn how to provide care specifically for that person. We need to invest in new technologies and treatments to be delivered in a timely fashion to continue to further improve the survival of persons with cancer across our province." Making a gift to the BC Cancer Foundation through your will is a meaningful way to transform the future of cancer care in our province, and as Dr. Gelmon says, "The BC Cancer Foundation understands the need to do this now, and to not just fund basic science, but to partner with scientists and clinicians to expedite new discoveries that will help people as soon as possible." Legacy gifts have directly enabled the progress you see today in developing world-first cancer care integrated with the powers of genomic sequencing. When you remember the BC Cancer Foundation in your will, you'll be supporting world-renowned research in BC that is shaping the future of cancer care in your community. Please be sure to use the full legal name of our organization: BC Cancer Foundation Registration Number: 11881 8434 RR0001 1.888.906.2873 I www.bccancerfoundation.com 14 PARTNeRS IN DISCOVeRY http://www.bccancerfoundation.com http://www.bccancerfoundation.com

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BC Cancer Foundation - Spring 2015