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OPENING THOUGHTS Collaboration at the BC Cancer Agency WORKING AS A TEAM TO PRODUCE RESULTS FEATURES 8 The Future of Prostate Cancer Care The Clinician Researcher Award is enabling life-saving progress in prostate cancer research and care. 10 Game-Changing Cancer Research World first: BC Cancer Agency researchers track the evolution of cancer, a "cellular superbug." 12 The Protein Link to Cancer New equipment allows scientists to dive beyond the genome to find protein-based cancer treatment targets. DEPARTMENTS 3 Opening Thoughts Collaboration is at the heart of every major research discovery at the BC Cancer Agency. When scientists, clinicians, patients and donors work as a team to support innovation in cancer treatment and care, it produces amazing results quickly and reaches greater numbers of patients in our province and around the globe. As our understanding of the genetic makeup of cancer continues to evolve, so do new treatment solutions for the more than 24,000 British Columbians diagnosed each year. In December, distinguished scientist Dr. Sam Aparicio teamed with bioinformatics expert Dr. Sohrab Shah to publish a world-first study that examines the evolution of cancer cells in order to stay one step ahead of the disease as it progresses. To read more about their important work, please turn to page 10. BC Cancer Agency researchers are also collaborating in the search for new drug targets. Please turn to page 12 to read about how a suite of donor-funded equipment is enabling experts in all fields of cancer research to differentiate types of the disease at the molecular level and match them with the most effective treatments. Collaborations happening at the BC Cancer Agency will benefit future generations. Not only are B.C. experts on track, they are continuing to set a new global standard of achievement. In all six centres across the province, patients are being diagnosed earlier, treatments are more effective and side effects are being reduced. They have new options and new hope and more and more often their oncologists have the courage and the confidence to use the word "cure." Most importantly, hundreds more British Columbians are able to say three important words: "I'm still here." Thank you for being our partner in discovery. 4 Healthy Insights 6 Why I Give 7 Researcher Profile 14 Legacy Giving 15 Regional Roundup Douglas Nelson President & CEO BC Cancer Foundation BCCANCeRFOUNDATION.COM 3 http://www.BCCANCeRFOUNDATION.COM

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BC Cancer Foundation - Spring 2015