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EdITOR’S LETTER A ustin, the capital of texas, is well-known for its rocking live music scene, sinful barbecue and bumper stickers pleading to keep things weird. Now home to circuit of the americas, a state-of-theart facility that will host the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ this November, austin may also soon be known for its super-hot racing scene. read about this fabulous F1 track here, and you’ll almost feel the adrenaline rush of multimillion dollar race cars accelerating at 150 mph. it also gives me great pleasure ® to announce that devotees of Formula 1, the city of austin and the jw experience will be able to enjoy all three at once when the brand-new JW MARRIOTT AUSTIN makes its debut in early 2015. The JW Marriott Lima sits in the capital city’s Miraflores district, a hot spot for some of the finest Peruvian cuisine. regular readers of JWM know that as a native of texas, i never grow tired of raving about its unique culinary culture. while a traditional thanksgiving meal always graced our thanksgiving table, our family also looked forward to preparing and indulging in “avoca” tacos, a spicy, slow-cooked pork-and-beans dish—named for my dad’s hometown—that was savored throughout the holiday weekend. in this issue, i am delighted to share “the tastes of the Year,” a 12-month global tour of seasonal delicacies. Sadly, my vote for “avoca” tacos did not make the cut, but i think this year-long fusion of flavors will not disappoint. and speaking of fusion, fans of this enduring genre will also enjoy catching up with the new trends on mixing asian and western flavors, and the best wines to pair with it. as always, our readers’ passion for food and wine is well rewarded in the ensuing pages. as for our readers who turn right to our articles on arts and culture, you’ll be turning pirouettes when you read about a true holiday classic, “the Nutcracker” ballet. along with other ballet companies around the world, our newest jw partner, the joffrey Ballet, performs its own magical version in chicago throughout December. we are thrilled to welcome the joffrey Ballet to our esteemed panel of experts and to share the world of dance with our culturally astute readers. From fast cars to graceful ballerinas, our unintentional thematic nod to movement must, of course, include travel to some of the world’s most fascinating cities. we take a quintessential look at Las Vegas and reveal the business and pleasure of dining in Lima, Peru. During a stay at the JW MARRIOTT LIMA, i was fascinated by the hang gliders that sailed from the city’s high cliffs past our guest room windows, ultimately making landfall onto the beach. it’s the perfect metaphor for this year-end issue of JWM: No matter how we move from place to place, it’s the exhilarating experiences we have along the way that make it all memorable. Mitzi Gaskins Vice President & Global brand ManaGer JW Marriott J WM MAGAZINE 24 j w m a r r i o t t. c o m http://www.JWMARRIOTT.COM

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JWM - Volume 3, Issue 4