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w ell - being In Your Face Is it possible to get a lift without surgery? by a l i c e g o r d o n © GreGor SchuSter/corbiS I hereby confess to being a ruthless cybercitizen. whenever unbidden information pounds on my gate, i wave in the good and throw the latch against the rest. i accept that gold sometimes gets left outside with the dross. So i don’t think you can blame me for not knowing much about the phenomenon of acupuncture “facelifts” until now. although i do blame myself. i’m a good candidate: i’m aging, i’m vain, and, more pertinent, i have spent three of the last four springs letting the gifted new york acupuncturist marisa anaya poke me with needles to soothe all kinds of aches, pains and annoyances, including tennis elbow, tinnitus and tmj (temporomandibular joint disorder, or stupidly grinding one’s teeth). this year, when marisa joined the J WM MAGAZINE beauty-oriented clinic of Shellie goldstein acupuncture, the move caused me some anxiety, which eased when marisa assured me that she still did acupuncture that had nothing to do with facelifts. curiosity made me want to try them anyway. What’s the difference? an acupuncture facelift differs significantly from more invasive approaches. no scalpels or anesthesia; no post-op bruising or swelling. no risk of changing your face beyond recognition. the series of 10 treatments marisa and her colleagues recommend for a thorough and lasting “lift” involves very thin needles that feel like tiny pinpricks. Period. before inserting needles in the face, marisa examines a patient for imbalances in her, or his, 43 j w m a r r i o t t. c o m http://www.JWMARRIOTT.COM

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JWM - Volume 3, Issue 4