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my passion Colin Cowie Colin Cowie infuses his passion for design with a worldview that’s enriChed by travel. E ven as a 5-year-old living in Zambia, colin cowie’s flair for design was evident. “Every day my parents would come home to find that i’d rearranged the furniture,” he recalls. “clearly, i had an insatiable design gene that needed to be fed.” Flash forward, and colin cowie is as passionate about design as ever. world-renowned as a lifestyle expert and arbiter of taste, the southern african native is the genius behind some of Hollywood’s and the business world’s most memorable events, parties, weddings, spaces and products. add to that working on a television show for the Style Network. most recently, cowie has embarked on a collaborative project with jw marriott. “we’re creating some extraordinary experiences around food and beverage and hospitality,” he explains. “these are the touch points i use in all areas of my life, so it’s fun to be able to inspire a company looking to create the best experience for the guest. Building from jw marriott’s DNa, we’re asking, ‘How do we create a new culture, a new way to engage guests? How does what they touch, taste, smell, see and hear enhance their experience?’” the project is still in the early planning stages, which means guests will have to wait at least a year before the results appear in jw marriott hotels and resorts. in the meantime, the designer is—as ever—a whirlwind of creative energy and activity. His days start early, with writing down 10 goals for the day—all in past tense, as if already accomplished—and end late, after dinner with friends, colleagues or clients. “For relaxation, i have a great road bike, and when the weather is good, i ride for miles,” he says. “my other favorite pastime is to invite people into my home. i love to cook and entertain. i keep it chic but very casual. i take the world’s best ingredients and do as little to them as possible.” cowie’s work has also led him to nearly 100 countries, logging nearly 11 million miles. “travel always inspires me,” he says. “there are so many exciting fun things going on that i’m constantly inspired by everything i see. i never get bored.” —kathy passero “I take the world’s best ingredients and do as little to them as possible” J WM MAGAZINE 92 j w m a r r i o t t. c o m http://www.JWMARRIOTT.COM

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JWM - Volume 3, Issue 4