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COMMENTS AND OPINIONS FROM EMBRY-RIDDLE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS FEEDBACK F RO M T H E E D I T O R Y   ou spoke and we listened! Thanks to the comments and suggestions from an alumni focus group and a 2012 readership survey sent to 6,300 subscribers, the Lift magazine you’re reading represents an exciting new direction for our flagship publication. With eight additional pages and several new departments, the new Lift is designed to accent your pride in being “Forever an Eagle. It also ” includes an opportunity to share your feedback (this page)—which we terminal. I have a special place in my heart for those fields, and the memory is usually triggered after wolfing down a bowl of chili. Somehow heartburn stimulates the same part of my gray matter that recollects fire ant bites. Here’s wishing the ERAU Eagles a successful 2013 season. Make us proud, and beware of the fire ants. Mark L. Berry (‘85, DB) B.S. Aeronautical Science hope you will do often. In fact, why not help kick off the department by letting us know what you think of the new design? We hope the new Lift gives you a greater sense of pride in your alma mater and strengthens your connection with the university and the global Eagle Network. Let us know how we’re doing: email — SARA WITHROW, EDITOR Adriano Ponso with Brazilian President Get ulio Vargas, Brazilian Air Minister J.P Salgado Filho and . John Paul Riddle. It’s a small Embry-Riddle world I am from Brazil, so “Wings of Legacy: The Brazil Connection” [fall 2012] caught my eye. I would be curious to know if Adriano Ponso came up while you were digging into the history of the school in Brazil. He was my great-uncle and was good friends with John Paul Riddle in the 1940s. My father had a picture of the two of them with the president of Brazil, while they were putting the school together. My dad said he gave the pictures to Embry-Riddle back in 1998. It is because of my uncle that I ended up at ERAU. Mikhael Ponso (‘03, ‘12, DB) B.S. Aeronautical Science; M.S. Aeronautics EDITOR’S NOTE: Several photos of Adriano Ponso are displayed in Embry-Riddle’s online archive. The one you refer to is pictured here. For more: 4 LI FT S P R IN G 201 3 ER AUAL UM NI.ORG Ode to Eagle Baseball Twenty-five years of Embry Riddle athletics—wow! Back in my day (1983– 1985), prior to ERAU’s inclusion as an NAIA member, the baseball team was technically a student club. We bought our uniforms and provided our own transportation to our few self-scheduled road games. We enjoyed such lavish club benefits as 30 free photocopies per month, and we were allowed to hoist a giant paper banner inside the University Center any week we had a home game. Once, we pushed the envelope a bit, painting a jockstrap on our banner with the slogan: We Need Supporters. Our humorous attempt to attract a larger audience earned us a stern verbal warning, and our meager privileges were put on probation. Back in the mid-80s, we practiced and played many of our games on sandlot ball fields near Runway 16 by the airport First or second largest drone I’m not sure that the crash landing of a 727-212 aircraft [“Flight Path: PicturePerfect Crash, fall 2012] can be ” described as the world’s largest successful drone flight. In December 1984 NASA and the FAA conducted a controlled crash of a 720 aircraft (weight at crash approximately 200,000 pounds). It was remotely controlled from take-off through crash, whereas it appears that the 727-212 was manually flown for much of its flight. The program is documented in FAA report DOT/FAA/CT-87/10 9 available online at I do not know the weight of the 727-212 aircraft at impact, but I suspect it is probably less than that of the FAA 720 aircraft. Ian Whalley (‘03, WW) M.S. Aeronautical Science TA L K T O U S We invite your feedback on Lift content or topics related to the university. Letters may be edited for style, length and clarity. Submission does not guarantee publication. EMAIL: WRITE: Lift Editor ERAU Alumni Relations 600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd. Daytona Beach, FL 32114 http://www.ERAUALUMNI.ORG

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