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Letter from the Associate Vice President I magi ne a wor ld where every student who wants to attend Embry-Riddle can do so without a concern over costs. A world where students could take advantage of world-class opportunities, without incurring student-loan debt. Across the country, higher education institutions like Stanford University, Harvard University, the University of Virginia and others are working to ensure that every student has access to a quality education by providing families with expanded financial aid packages, which are mostly funded by endowment resources. While these schools may be larger than Embry-Riddle, none of them can outmatch our heart and gifts are born out of tragedy. Sadly, every year we lose members of our Embry-Riddle family— young people whose lives, full of promise, end too soon. In the wake of such sadness often comes kindness. Shaken by loss but determined to find some good in the worst of situations, families like the Cresenzos and Manganellis help others by creating memorial scholarships that honor the lives of their children and give flight to the dreams of others. I am honored by their generosity and humbled that they have allowed us to share their stories with all of you. Generous, adventurous, caring and daring are just some of the words I use to describe my Embry-Riddle family. You welcomed me and the development team here more than five years ago. Since that time, together we have raised more than $38.7 million to benefit the students and programs at Embry-Riddle, including over $7 million last year alone. We know that you could have made this investment anywhere, but you chose Embry-Riddle, and for that, we are grateful. I hope you enjoy this issue dedicated to you, our supporters. If you have comments or want to learn more about giving opportunities, I hope that you will contact me at Keep soaring, Bernadine Douglas Associate Vice President of Development 2 p h i l a nth r o py r e p o rt g i v i n gto.e r A U.e d U Photo: Christopher Yates Photography passion for what we do. I believe with your help, one day we too will offer a tuition-free education to those who cannot afford it and provide the best student aid on par with other great universities. It’s a dream that I know you believe in as much as I do. It is the reason, time and time again, year after year, that so many of you join with me in making an investment in our next generation of Embry-Riddle Eagles. In this, my inaugural address to Lift readers, I have the opportunity to say, “Thank you,” to all of you, and to the donors featured in this issue who have chosen to support the dreams of our best and brightest. Donors like Andrea and David Robertson who, through their support of student projects, scholarships and capital improvements, advance Embry-Riddle’s mission of “learning by doing.” Of course, Embry-Riddle has always been distinguished by the innovative ways it brings realworld experiences into the classroom. It is true now, just as it was in 1975 when Col. Charles “Chuck” Graf graduated from the Daytona Beach Campus as part of the first Air Force ROTC Detachment. Today, Col. Graf and his wife, Liz, have dedicated themselves to ensuring every cadet has the best experience possible. They give of their time, they open their home, and with the establishment of the Charles F. Graf Jr. and Elizabeth J. Graf Trust, they have also opened their hearts to help cadets who are struggling financially. A few days ago, I heard someone say that sometimes the greatest

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Lift - 2012 Annual Report on Philanthropy
Letter From the President
Letter From the Associate Vice President
Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Report
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Lifetime and Legacy Donors
Toward an entrepreneurial university
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Student projects take off with Rockwell Collins
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Lift - 2012 Annual Report on Philanthropy