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Scholarships TERM SCHOLARSHIP DONORS $5.000 OR MORE ACSS Aircraft Technical Publishers John Amore Brown and Sue Badgett John and Leslie Brooks David Brown W. Locke and Ann Burt David R. Rider Contractor Michael and Pamela DeGiglio Charles and Elizabeth Duva ERAU Student Government Association Estate of Ann R. Weaver Estate of Cale M. Kastanek Estate of Matthew Berk Estate of Maurice F. and Dorothy D. Taylor Florida Power & Light Thomas and Ann Hilburn John and Maurie Johnson Cheryl Keemar LMI Aerospace Lockheed Martin Corporation Susan and Sauro Manganelli Paul B. Hunter & Constance D. Hunter Charitable Foundation Perry-McCall Construction Donald and Jean Popp Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Gordon and Celia Ritter Rockwell Collins Southwest Airlines Dorothy Stimpson Student Veterans Organization ERAU TBM Owners and Pilots Association The Wings Club The Wittemann Company Charles Vouaux Nancy Wencel Lane Wipff Halifax Health Daniel and Margaret Johnson Jesse King and Tanya Wise King Mark LaPole Kathy Lewis William and Stacey Lovett Matt Chapman Airshows Sean McLaughlin James and Karen Muff Rebecca Posoli-Cilli and Vinson Cilli Thomas and Doris Sieland Linda Titus $2,500 OR MORE David Anderson Patricia Arntzen Compass Group USA Inc. Robert and Jennifer Crouch Damon and Debra D’Agostino Discount Tire Company Bernadine Douglas Florida Aviation Trades Association preference shown to applicants who are members of the soccer or rugby teams at the Prescott Campus. Another memorial scholarship established at the West Valley Flying Club, also in Gianni’s name, will provide nancial aid for ight students at the club. Holding back tears, Sauro says it is what Gianni would have wanted. “The most important thing is that someone else gets to ful ll their dreams.” ‘NOT FORGOTTEN’ “Airplane” was Lisa Cresenzo’s third word as an infant, her parents recall, so it’s no wonder she was already working on her instrument rating by the time she started attending Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus in 1991. Lisa’s love for ight might have begun the year she was born (1973), which coincidentally was the year her father, Vic Cresenzo, started ying. “She used to walk around the house in her diaper and a headset,” Vic says. “She was 3 or 4 years old when she said she was going to y airplanes.” Upon visiting Embry-Riddle, the Cresenzos quickly noticed it was a natural t for their daughter, Vic says. “One thing that impressed us about Embry-Riddle, was just how focused the students were. Everyone seemed to know where they were headed.” Lisa was no exception. After graduating, she worked for a xed base operator in Winston-Salem, N.C., where she ran the front desk, gave ight instruction and moved up to chartering ights. She earned her ight engineer certi cate and received her Airline Transport Pilot certi cate a month before she was killed by a drunk driver on April 26, 1998, at the age of 24. Empowering other young women to pursue a career in aviation has helped the Cresenzos honor their daughter’s life, says her mother, Betsy Cresenzo. “When a parent loses a child, one of the most important things is that they’re not forgotten.” Together, the Cresenzos have met about half of the 30-plus Daytona Beach Campus students the scholarship has assisted since it was established in 1999. Each of the young women seemed to be just as focused and passionate about ying as their daughter, the couple says. The scholarship assists female students majoring in aeronautical science in their sophomore, junior and senior years, who demonstrate a nancial need. “We found that most of these girls were working one or two jobs in addition to going to school,” Vic says. “They were very studious, delightful and committed to making their dream come true. We have been very impressed.” Betsy adds, “Lisa would have enjoyed knowing these girls, and we feel really good that we’re doing something that she would have appreciated.” Lisa treasured her years at EmbryRiddle and the lasting friendships she made there; and her top-notch educational experiences were re ected in her pilot skills and professionalism, her parents say. “We are pleased this scholarship can help girls who love ying as much as Lisa did continue their education at this very ne institution,” Betsy says. E D ITOR’S NOTE: The Cresenzos and Manganellis are two of many families who have memorialized their loved ones with an endowed scholarship benetting Embry-Riddle students. For more information about establishing a memorial scholarship, contact Bernadine. G I V I N GTO.E R A U.E D U P H I L A NTH R O PY R E P O RT 39

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Lift - 2012 Annual Report on Philanthropy
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Lift - 2012 Annual Report on Philanthropy