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Fall 2014 6 14 10 20 24 14 All Around Us Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS): Industry and faculty experts sound off on the obstacles, benefits and implications of this developing technology In Other W O rds 5 WhatDoesE-R-A-U MeantoYou? aL uM nI @W O rk 20 AHigherCalling Wes Oleszewski ('87, DB) shares his story of determination in earning his degree and what he discovered along the way A powerful conversion experience propelled former aerospace engineer Patrick Kokorian ('98, DB) toward a different path WI ngs Of Legacy gIVI ng tO eMbry- rI dd L e 6 WarBird H. Kurtz Weiser's storied military career started at Embry-Riddle's Carlstrom Field 22 Championsfor EagleAthletics Nick and Joan Spiroff make a planned gift to support Embry-Riddle Athletics fLI ght Path 8 StampofSuccess Beverley Drake ('77, DB, Flight Training; '02, '05, WW) is an ambassador for women, minorities, her native country of Guyana and aviation safety aL uM nI I n act IO n 24 SultonofWings James Sulton III ('03, PC; '05, DB) has given flight to the dreams of aspiring pilots since his student days 10 AirSupport COvER ILLUSTRATION BY RYAN ETTER An Embry-Riddle UAS team brings hope to storm-ravaged Philippines 26 A lumniNews 32 C lassNotes 4 Feedback 2 Chatter A message from the Find out what Embry-Riddle News and notes Alumni Association, your fellow alumni and friends from the world of upcoming events and alumni are up offer comments Embry-Riddle more to now and opinions read lift OnLIne! On the cOVer: UAS applications are impacting how aviation professionals do their jobs in the commercial, public and military sectors. L IF T faL L 20 1 4 AL UMN I . E R AU. E DU 1 http://ALUMNI.ERAU.EDU

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