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Do-It-Yourself Health? A nagging pain here, an ache there-it can Ailment: HeARtBURn "Heartburn is usually caused by acid be hard to decide which symptoms are from something you ate traveling up serious enough to justify making an into the esophagus from the stomach. appointment with your primary Symptoms can be abated with antacids care physician. or a glass of milk. But if heartburn strikes several times a week, or goes on for The physicians at University of Maryland Baltimore more than six months, you'll want to see Washington Primary Care say that it's important to recognize an emergency: If you're having trouble breathing or have chest pain, severe abdominal pain, bleeding, head trauma or loss of consciousness, they urge you to call 911 or go to your nearest emergency Jonathan mcCoy, mD, family medicine physician a doctor and be tested for conditions such as acid reflux disease, gastritis or Barrett's esophagus. "Also, if you've never had heartburn department. Otherwise, you may need to call your before and it comes on suddenly, pay attention. You don't health care provider for advice. want to miss the signs of a heart attack. If you notice any- Ailment: HeADACHe "For the occasional headache, aspirin or acetaminophen are good thing else unusual, such as tingling or numbness in your arms or fingers, sweating or nausea, see a doctor right away." Ailment: StOmACH PAin choices, but if headaches pop up tors because of the number of things it want to go to the doctor to find out could indicate. Often you've just eaten the the underlying cause. Figuring out eugenia Robertson, mD, internal medicine physician "Stomach pain is a challenge for doc- two or three times a week, you'll wrong thing. But it can also be as serious what the triggers are will make you as appendicitis or a gallstone. feel better, rather than just treating "If vomiting and diarrhea accompany the the symptom. "However if someone says they're having 'the worst headache of their life,' it could be the sign of an aneurysm, which is the swelling of a blood vessel near the brain. It's very uncommon, but treatable if caught early." pain, go to a doctor. If your stomach feels Bridgette Provost, mD, mPH, internal medicine physician rock-hard, is protruding, if it hurts to move or laugh, or if you have blood in your stool or urine, go to a doctor right away. These can be signs of something more serious than a bad burrito the night before."  Find Your PrimarY Care PhYsiCian TodaY! To see UM Baltimore Washington Primary Care's five locations and to make an appointment, go to   a trip to the pediatrician less stressful. Find it among the Be Well Videos at | spring 2014  9

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