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AT A G L A N C E CONCERNED ABOUT CANCER? In today’s world of information overload, it sometimes feels as if everything can cause cancer. But fear not—here we rate the buzz-worthy hazards you’ve been hearing about, on a scale from least hazardous (green) to most (red). Some might not be the monsters in the closet you think they are! G R I L L E D M E AT B PA FEAR FACTOR: There is some concern about exposing infants and children to bisphenol A (BPA) because of potential effects on the brain. There isn’t enough evidence, however, to link BPA to cancer in children, adults or animals. FEAR FACTOR: Cooking meat at high temperatures, such as on a grill, causes chemicals to form that have been linked to cancer in animals. What about humans? While it’s still unclear whether the effects are the same, a study from the University of Minnesota showed that frequently consuming charred meat may up the risk of pancreatic cancer by 60 percent. U V R AYS FEAR FACTOR: Whether from tanning beds or goodold-fashioned sunshine, ultraviolet (UV) rays are indeed a factor in skin cancer. That’s because UV rays can damage skin cells’ DNA, and when that damage affects skin cell growth, you get skin cancer. SMOKING FEAR FACTOR: In the world of cancercausing monsters, nothing looms larger than cigarette smoking. It is proven to cause stomach, lung, kidney, bladder and cervical cancers, among others. CELLPHONE USE FEAR FACTOR: Research is ongoing, but so far, several major studies have found no link between cancer and cellphone use. FEAR FIGHTERS There are things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer ■ Drink less. One study ■ Fill up on fiber. To ■ Ditch the spare tire for good. showed that women who Extra body fat ups your risk of drank three to six alcoholic colorectal cancer by seven different cancers, including beverages per week 10 percent, eat 10 grams breast and kidney. Maintaining increased their risk of of fiber (equal to a cup a healthy weight is crucial to breast cancer by 15 percent.  reduce the chance of of beans) every day. cancer prevention. Check out the cancer classes and support groups at | Fall 2013 13

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Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Fall 2013