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IN THIS ISSUE LETTER FROM THE CEO COMMITTED TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH 6 Like This? Try That!down the Make your next trip produce aisle an adventure. BREATH 10 THELIFE OF After a life-threatening infection, a double lung transplant helps a new mom return home. D E PA R T M E N TS 4 A HEALTHY START 13 AT A GLANCE 14 PHYSICIAN UPDATE 15 NEWS AND EVENTS Maryland’s President and Chief Executive Offi cer Lyle E. Sheldon, FACHE Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development Dean Kaster Designed by McMurry/TMG, LLC 2 Last spring, I shared a summary of our accomplishments in expanded services and clinical programs through our continuing partnership with the University of Maryland. This year, I am happy to include our participation via a new, improved publication, Maryland’s Health Matters, that focuses on wellness and prevention, furthering our vision to help create the healthiest community in Maryland. Upper Chesapeake Health is formally affiliated with the University of Maryland Medical Center. For you, your family and your neighbors, that means access to the advanced resources of an academic medical center, where education, innovation and research discoveries are aimed at improving Maryland’s health. Physicians at Upper Chesapeake Health and the University of Maryland collaborate to find the best treatments for common and serious health conditions, through clinical research trials or discovering the best ways to prevent, diagnose and treat illness. It’s also a place where physicians and health professionals are being educated and trained to serve you in your neighborhood. We are committed to you because your good health matters! MARYLAND’S HEALTH MATTERS Lyle E. Sheldon, FACHE, President/CEO Upper Chesapeake Health STAY CONNECTED WITH UPPER CHESAPEAKE HEALTH Watch our doctors discuss prenatal care, joint replacement surgeries and more. WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU Please send us your comments, information requests or change of address to 443-643-4200 or email eenglish@ Maryland’s Health Matters is published by the Marketing and Communications office at Upper Chesapeake Health. This publication is not intended to provide professional medical advice. It is to provide general health and wellness information.

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Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Spring 2013
A Healthy Start
Like This? Try That!
The Breath of Life
At a Glance
Physician Update
News and Events

Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Spring 2013