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SPOTLIGHT: MAKING S H O C K WAV E S E Fascinating facts and figures about the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, the nation's first integrated trauma hospital ach year at the University of Mary- school ... and end up at Shock Trauma." land Medical Center, the specially "We're the safety net of the state," 4 The number of helicopters that can occupy Shock Trauma's two rooftop landing pads. The landing pad trained doctors, nurses and sup- says Karen Doyle, MBA, MS, RN, vice port staff at the R Adams Cowley president of nursing and operations at on the expanded Shock Trauma Center Shock Trauma Center treat more the Shock Trauma Center. In addition is specifically designed to accommo- than 8,000 patients who've been to providing around-the-clock care to date larger and heavier helicopters, such injured in everything from motor vehicle Marylanders, Shock Trauma also: as Marine One (which carries the U.S. collisions to carbon monoxide poisoning ■ Runs a nationally known trauma-care president). teaching program and other chemical exposures. ■ Conducts clinical research related to Shock Trauma is the nation's first inte- trauma and critical care grated trauma hospital, and it is also the ■ Reaches out to communities through birthplace of the "golden hour," a con- injury prevention programs cept where the sooner traumatic injury patients reach definitive care (within their chance of survival. "Injury is a disease that has no age, gender, social, economic or racial boundaries," says Thomas M. Scalea, MD, the Honorable Francis X. Kelly Distin- The number of prevention programs run by Shock Trauma's Center for Injury Prevention and Policy. This multidisciplinary team develops prevention-education programs for the TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE CENTER'S OPERATIONS AND SCOPE OF SERVICES, CHECK OUT THESE KEY NUMBERS: the first 60 minutes of injury), the better Shock Trauma's physician-in-chief and 8 2 The number of people on a Shock Trauma "go-team." An attending physician and a certified registered state of Maryland, including programs that focus on domestic violence, drinking and driving, distracted driving and high-risk teen behavior. 10 The number of operating rooms. The state-of-the-art rooms guished Professor of Trauma Surgery nurse anesthetist are dispatched to the at the University of Maryland School of scene to provide care when extrication Trauma Center, which opened in 2013, Medicine. "These are people who get up times for patients with life-threatening are designed to care for the most com- each day, leave their home for work or injuries are estimated to exceed an hour. plex trauma patients. 10  Maryland's HealtH Matters housed inside the expanded Shock †  Emergency Services at UM HMH at 443-843-5500 and UM UCMC at 443-643-2000. Get

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Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Fall 2014
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Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Fall 2014