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A HEALTHY START MOVE THIS WAY After living all over the world-24 moves in 34 years-you might think that Jim Lint would find time to relax now that he's landed in Aberdeen. But if you knew him, you wouldn't be surprised that he continues to keep busy with his civil service job and his teaching and charity schedules. However, as a senior manager in federal civil service at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the 55-year-old knew he needed to do something when he couldn't walk without pain. Thanks to the Joint Center at University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH), he's back to doing what he loves, pain-free. "I had my first hip surgery downtown, but I'm often at the base, so I wondered whether I could have the other hip done closer to home and work," Jim says. He was in luck when he found the Joint Center. How did the two surgeries compare? Jim was surprised about some of the differences. First, he was able to attend an hourlong class offered by the program at UM UCH that really prepared him and his wife for the surgery, postoperative recovery and the necessary physical therapy that would be important to his full rehabilitation. The second surprise was how much less painful his second surgery was. "A minimally invasive hip replacement surgery may be a better option for some patients," says Jim's doctor, Raj Yalamanchili, MD, a fellowshiptrained joint replacement surgeon and director of the Joint Center at UM UCH. "It involves a smaller initial incision and less muscle and tendon damage because the surgeon works around those structures to reach the joint, rather than cutting through them as with traditional surgery. In most cases, the minimally invasive option involves a shorter stay in the hospital, less pain and a quicker return to work and normal activity." Jim made good use of his recovery time by writing a management book, something he had wanted to do for a long time. After hip surgery, writing and physical therapy were his focus and ultimate successes. Today, he moves normally and is pain-free, and his book has even been published. Raj Yalamanchili, MD A New Look! University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health has a fresh new website offering the latest information and special features, including secure, online, 24-hour access for patients to view their personal health information. At your next visit, ask how you can sign up for this convenient option. Or go to to find out more. IS JOINT REPLACEMENT RIGHT FOR YOU? Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery requires a high level of technical expertise on the part of the surgeon and surgical team. It requires extensive training and experience along with specialized equipment-all available at UM UCH. Learn more by calling 855-344-BONE (2663).  Is it time for knee replacement? Watch a video at under "Be Well Videos." | Spring 2014 3

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Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Spring 2014
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Maryland's Health Matters - Upper Chesapeake - Spring 2014