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Critical Success Factors: People Maintain high quality work force Service Improve customer service Quality Our mission: To continuously improve the health of the people of our region. Improve prevention and health education services. Improve health outcomes Our vision: To be the provider of the best patient-centered care and health services in America. Financial Produce financial resources required to support mission and vision To our community Thank you for your time and interest. The 2010 Community Report offers a brief overview of how we’re helping people in our community receive the care they need. Our mission-driven organization is dedicated to improving the health of residents in 24 counties in north Mississippi and northwest Alabama. Our physicians and staff strive to provide the best patient-centered health care in America. This report reflects achievements made possible through our work force that drives our health care organization’s work culture and leads to such great results. NMHS’ Mission and Vision are translated into actions through the Critical Success Factors (CSFs): People, Service, Quality, Financial and Growth. The order of these critical success factors is intentional. The best people provide the best service, which results in happy customers and excellent quality. High quality and efficiency produce good financial results and requests for more services, which results in growth. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your health care needs. We invite you to share your thoughts with us at All our best, John Heer President and Chief Executive Officer North Mississippi Health Services Bobby Martin 2009-2010 Chairman Board of Directors North Mississippi Health Services Growth Expand access to health services Our Values: CARES Compassion Show sincere care and kindness for those I serve Accountability Take responsibility for my action Respect Treat everyone with dignity Excellence Achieve excellence through innovation, teamwork and doing my best Smile Always be friendly

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North Mississippi Medical Center Community Report 2010
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North Mississippi Medical Center Community Report 2010