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h e R i Ta g e winston churchill T h e R i T z - C a R lT o n , b o s T o n , m a R C h 1 9 4 9 126 w w w. r i t z c a r lt o n . c o m Courtesy of the Boston PuBliC liBrary, Print DePartment Winston Churchill’s 1949 visit to Boston had both a vivid front story and a dramatic back story. Invited to speak at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MidCentury Convocation, Churchill obliged with an hour of soaring rhetoric before a crowd of 13,000 in the Boston Garden. Four years after the end of World War II and the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, Churchill was the most revered statesman in the world — and out of office, having lost the postwar election. Now 74 and in declining health, he could have basked in his legend, except that he yearned to, as he saw it, “win the peace” as he had won the war. Part of Churchill’s reason for coming to Boston was to enlist the support of his fellow speaker, President Harry Truman, in this effort. But the White House was focused on the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty, and Truman canceled his Boston appearance. Churchill was left to go it alone, and he did so with a remarkable speech that spanned history, culture and science, and ended in a plea for humanism, all the more wrenching for the speaker’s part in having reclaimed it from the abyss. http://WWW.RITZCARLTON.COM

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Ritz-Carlton Magazine - Winter 2012 - Chinese
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The Ritz-Carlton Magazine - Winter 2012 - Chinese