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TECH BY myTouch HTC Android Phone “I can type faster on this flip-out keyboard than I can on a screen.” S U N N Y B AT E S S H I RKY ’S FAVO RIT E A P PS BBEdit “I write almost everything in BBEdit, as well as programming with it. I started using it in 1995; never seen a reason to switch.” EVERYWHERE MAN With his 2008 best-seller, “Here Comes Everybody,” Clay Shirky explained social media as a force that would transform business, politics, marketing, social behavior and personal relationships. Written before Twitter had gained a broad following, the book provided a remarkably accurate and insightful road map of what was about to unfold. The book’s 2010 follow-up, “Cognitive Surplus,” presents an equally compelling vision of the near future, in which online collaboration ushers in new forms of commerce and culture. Shirky shares with us how he works while traveling the globe. Subway Passes “I keep passes for cities in the Geek/Wonk Axis: NYC, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, London.” Google “I am basically Google’s lackey — I could list 10 apps that start with a capital G. I use Chrome, and in Chrome I run Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Groups and Google Docs. If they had Google Dentist Appointments, I’d use it.” CLAY SHIRKY: CAMERA PRESS/SUKI DHANDA; OYSTER CARD: CAMERA PRESS/ED/AJ Netvibes “My one-stop shop for news and commentary: Guardian, Al-Jazeera, Boing Boing, Crooked Timber, Slashdot, 3 Quarks Daily and so on.” MacBook Air, 11-inch “My shoulder loves it, since I was starting to list to the left after a decade of weighing 5 pounds more on that side.” Kindle “I’ve owned two actual Kindles, but I sat on both of them, so now I just use the Kindle app. Right now I’m reading Bruno Latour’s ‘Reassembling the Social.’” Ziploc bag of cables “Like a Patsy Cline song, each cable has a sad, sad story to tell — mostly about what happened when I didn’t have that cable.” Find other high-tech gadgets perfect for travelers at . / . / T H E R I T Z - C A R LT O N M A G A Z I N E 41

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Ritz-Carlton Magazine - Winter 2012 - Chinese
Editor’s Letter
President’s Letter
Falling in Love With... Hong Kong
On the Boulevards
Palm Beach
Kuala Lumpur
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The Ritz-Carlton Magazine - Winter 2012 - Chinese